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Friday, March 22, 2019


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3725. Koehler, F.E.. 1959. Fertilizer interactions in wheat producing areas of eastern Washington.. Proceedings, 10th Ann. Fert. Conf. PNW, Tacoma, WA, p.19-21.
The most frequently observed nutrient interaction in the wheat producing area of eastern Washington is that between sulfur and nitrogen under annual cropping. Where no sulfur was added, yields were increased by about 8 bushels per acre, and 30 lbs N/ac resulted in slightly better yields than did 120 lbs. When one lb sulfur was added per acre, yield increases from nitrogen were about 15 bu/ac, and again there was little difference between the effects of 30 and 120 lbs of N. However, where the sulfur rate was 10 lbs/ac, the yield increase with 30 lb N was 20 bu/ac and that with 120 lb N was 30 bu/ac. In no case did sulfur alone appreciably increase yields.

4939. Olson, G.A. and J.L. St.John. 1921. An investigation of S as a plant food.. WA St. Agr. Expt. Sta. Bull. #165.
Two parts: historical and experimental information. Historical reviews S contents of: crops, soils, water; uses of S: requirements, effects on yield, application; Effects of S on: roots, nodulation, N, P, K, microbes, acidity, manure. Experimental covers: greenhouse expt; field expt.; influence of chemicals in solubility of soil plant food. Significant reponses to S were found in greenhouse and field experiments. Applications of gypsum increased nitric N in soils treated. T: S in cultivated and virgin soils in eastern WA. Grain and dry matter removed from quartz and soil. Yields from fertilized and unfertilized plots (hay). Parts per million of nitric N in soil at various periods of alfalfa growth, and under various chemical treatments. (same data type is presented for Ca, P, and K)

5825. Reisenauer, H.M. and G.E. Leggett. 1957. Eastern Washington soils need sulfur.. WA Agr. Expt. Sta. Circ. #317.
Low levels of S limit crop growth. S should be applied at 20 lb/yr to legumes. S can increase cereal yields. T: Composition of fertilizer materials. Effect of S on yield and N content of sweetclover. Effect of S at different rates of N on yield of spring wheat. S trials with wheat.

5890. Roberts, S. and F.E. Koehler. 1968. Extractable and plant-available sulfur in representative soils of Washington.. Soil Sci. 106:53-59.
Similar amounts of S were extracted with two methods for a variety of soils. Total S in wheat plant tops is correlated with S extracted by 5 mM MgCl2 and 0.1 M LiCl methods.

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