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Friday, December 14, 2018


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2232. Grabe, D., F. Bolton, C. Garbacik, and J. DeNoma. 1989. Response of winter wheat to yield-enhancing agents.. Columbia Basin Agr. Research Spec. Report 840.
Tested a number of non-traditional products, including YEA!, Amplify-D, Car-Dak, Bio-Mag seed treat, seed moisturing. YEA! had a small but significant effect on seedling growth, while the other products did not. No yield responses were observed. Seed moisturizing with various pressure treatments did not appear to have any field benefits.

3308. Anon.. 1992 May. Wood ash may prove useful as soil enhancer.. Washington Water Power Co. Gazette.
Wood ash from WWP's generating plant is being evaluated as a potential agricultural liming agent. The ash is currently disposed in a landfill. Greenhouse and field experiments at the University of Idaho show promise for its agronomic use. A 50-acre field test near Springdale, WA is under way on a spring barley crop.

4265. McDole, R.E. and C.G. Painter. 1979. Wonder products in agriculture.. ID Agr. Expt. Sta. CIS #510.
Advises caution about any miracle products being sold.

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