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Sunday, January 20, 2019


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365. Anon.. 1990. Canola's sulfur requirements.. Agrichemical Age, February 1990 p. 24-25.
Experience from western Canada indicates the importance of proper sulfur fertilization for rotations including canola. Canola has a high sulfur requirement. A 35 bu. canola crop removes 20-25 lb S/ac, about twice that of a 50 bu. wheat crop. Canola is highly responsive to sulfur fertilization. Soil testing can help determine S needs, as can early season tissue testing. Researchers suggest that the tissue contain one part S for every 7 parts N. Sulfur deficiency symptoms in most crops first appear on younger, upper leaves. Signs unique to canola are delayed and prolonged flowering; pale, whitish flowers; erect leaves on the upper part of the plant; young leaves cup inward and develop a pink, reddish or even purple color on the underside; seed pods will be small and poorly filled.

3964. Mahler, R.L. and G.A. Murray. 1986. Northern Idaho fertilizer guide - Winter rapeseed.. ID Agr. Expt. Sta. CIS #785.
Need to calculate potential yield; use soil N test; also test for P,K,S, Boron. Split N application - 50% maximum for fall application; apply P and K before planting.

9706. Nyborg, M.. 1961. The effect of fertilizers on emergence of cereal grains, flax and rape.. Can. J. Soil Science 41:89-98..
Ammonium nitrate, ammonium phosphate and treble superphosphate fertilizers placed in a band with seeds of wheat, oats, flax and rape were found to delay and/or reduce emergence. Order of tolerance of these crops was oats>barely>wheat>rape>flax. The nitrogen ferilizer was more injurious than the two phosphate fertilizers, when applied on the basis of N and P2O5 content respectively. Injury to emergence increased with lower soil temperature. Damage to flax was apparently increased by soil micro-organisms. Injury to emergence was eliminated when fertilizers were broadcast or placed in a band one inch or more away from the seed.

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