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Sunday, December 16, 2018


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8457. Anon.. 1990. A glimpse of a world without pesticides and fertilizers.. The Bottom Line, p. 1-2, Dow Elanco Public Affairs, Midland, MI.
A study sponsored by the fertilizer and ag chemcial industry looked at the results of a total ban on pesticides and fertilizers. Lower yields, higher prices, trade difficulties, health risks, world hunger, and environmental damage were all cited as negative outcomes of such a move.

9633. Hanson, L.D., M. Warner, J.R. Schafer and E. Vasey. 1989. Automating field operations for variable conditions.. Agronomy Abstracts, p. 316. Amer. Soc. Agron., Madison, WI..
Our objective is to tailor fertilizer and other chemical applications to variable field conditions in a practical, cost effective system. Auhtors have been working with soil management PC software for several years. In 1988 a new program was prepared to run in real time on a laptop computer on board a field sprayer to record post emergence spot sprayed areas in sugar beets. Field location control came by interfacing a distance measuring device with the computer. The lateral dimension location was fixed by implement width and pass number. The prototype system was a combination of a wheel revolution counter, a SHARP4502 laptop computer and a program named "weed tracker". The data file created in the mapping phase of the operation can be used later to automatically spray or control other operation in the same field. The developers of the system are working with a Minnesota electronics manufacturer to market a commercial version of the prototype.

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