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Saturday, January 19, 2019


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2033. Fowler, D.B. and J. Brydon. 1989. No-till winter wheat production on the Canadian Prairies: timing of nitrogen fertilization.. Agron. J. 81:817-825.
Tested the effect of timing of a broadcast application of ammonium sulfate on grain and protein yield and protein concentration. Lower grain yield, grain protein yield and grain protein concentration were attributed to loss of fall applied N in four trials. Increased grain protein concentration was often associated with delayed N availability. Reduced grain and grain protein yield, and increased grain protein concentration were observed for fall and early spring N applications in trials that experienced favorable spring weather followed by a prolonged drought.

8598. Vaughan, B., D.G. Westfall, and K.A. Barbarick. 1990. Nitrogen rate and timing effects on winter wheat grain yield, grain protein, and economics.. J. Production Agric. 3:324-328.
The study compared winter wheat grain yields, protein, and economic returns associated with fall, spring, and split applications of N fertilizer at rates of 0, 20, 40, and 60 lb N/ac at 19 sites over 3 yr in eastern Colorado. Spring-applied N increased grain yields and protein more than fall- and split-applied N. About 1.2 lb N/ac fall applied were equal to 1 lb N/ac spring applied to achieve similar production. Spring-applied N was the most profitable choice.

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