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Tuesday, October 23, 2018


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4845. Newton, J.D.. 1954. Microbial maintenance of nitrogen in western Canada's grey wooded, black earth, and brown prairie soils.. Trans. 5th Intl. Congress of Soil Sci. Vol. 3:76-87.
Soil nitrate levels were higher for 3-4 years after alfalfa than after grass. Legumes responded to sulfur additions. Non-symbiotic N fixation was felt to account for significant N increases in lab studies with various soils. Maintenance of long-term yields was helped by heavy additions of straw.

9690. Malhi, S.S., M. Nyborg, D.R. Walker and D.H. Laverty. 1984. Fall and spring soil sampling for mineral N in northcentral Alberta.. Can. J. Soil Science 65:339-346..
The timing of soil sampling for mineral N was investigated by sampling in fall and in spring from the 0-30 cm depth in 100 field experiments. On the average of the 100 experiments, the NO3-N in soil increased from 16 kg N/ha in the fall to 34 kg N/ha in spring and the mineral N in soil increased from 28 kg N/acre in fall to 49 kg N/ha in spring. Soil test programs in the Prairie Provinces are based primarily on field experiments with only spring sampling, while farm smapling is mostly conducted in the fall. At least in north-central Alberta, fall sampling for soil test for NO3-N should be restricted to the late fall and probably an adjustment to N recommendations should be made for the smaller amounts of NO3-N found in fall rather than spring.

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