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Saturday, January 19, 2019


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442. Anon.. June 1990. New way to reduce N losses.. The Furrow, p. 15.
Arvin Mosier, USDA-ARS at Fort Collins, CO, has developed a new nitrification inhibitor. It involves applying shellac-coated calcium carbonate crystals to the soil. The crystals react with soil moisture to form acetylene gas, which slows nitrification, and the action is a slow-release one that lasts several weeks. In tests using 20 lb/ac of crystals, the value of the nitrogen saved was 10 times the cost of treatment. A commercial process still needs to be developed. // Excessive N fertilizer can reduce the vitamin C content of some green vegetables (chard, green beans) by as much as 50%. It is mostly a dilution effect from accelerated growth.

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