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Saturday, January 19, 2019


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3524. Kardos, L.T.. 1948. Lysimeter studies with cultivated and virgin soils under subhumid rainfall conditions.. Soil Science, 65:367-381.
Pullman, WA study. Lateral flow beneath the soil was significant, enough to cause erosion, but none was noticed. Less silaceous and compact layers in virgin soil. Total N in leachate water tended to be higher from the cultivated plot - cultivated ranged from 1-15 ppm, virgin 2-3 ppm. 2-5 times more total solids in cultivated leachate. Nitrate N higher from cultivated. Nitrate N leaching subsurface from slopes and concentrated in basins. Does not occur on virgin area. Subsurface leaching 20-30 inches below surface. W-P rotation encouraged erosion loss and subsurface nutrient loss. T: leachate chemical analysis.

4807. Nelson, A.L.. 1950. Methods of tillage for winter wheat.. WY Agr. Expt. Sta. Bulletin 300.
Fallow/winter wheat production decreased soil N by 33% in the top 6" over 35 years. Continuous cropping lost 24% of the soil N. Crop rotations using green manure every 4th year did not decrease the loss of soil N. Average winter wheat yields (bu/ac) over 34 years for 3 rotations were: oats/rye(GM)/winter wheat/corn - 12.9; oats/peas(GM)/winter wheat/corn - 12.7; fallow/winter wheat - 13.7; oats/corn/winter wheat/rye - 13.2; oats/corn/winter wheat/peas - 14.1; oats/corn/winter wheat/fallow - 13.2. It was observed that green manure took years to break down. Tillage with an eccentric one-way increased winter wheat yields 2 bu/ac over 10 years compared to plowing. The eccentric one-way conserved moisture. Continuous cropping resulted in winter wheat yields 55% of biennial yields following fallow. Soil moisture was 3-4% lower in October after continuous cropping versus fallow.

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