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Friday, January 18, 2019


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3643. Klepper, B., P.E. Rasmussen and R.W. Rickman. 1983. Fertilizer placement for cereal root access.. J. Soil Water Conservation, 38(3):250-252.
Fertilizers can be banded deep in the soil either prior to planting or in the interrow zone at planting time. But either method requires some understanding of the dynamics of fertilizer-soil and root-soil relationships. Banding to the side of a row also requires a shank seperate from the one delivering seed. This can cause clearance problems in loose surface residue. A single opener that permits both seeding and banding of the full fertilizer application sufficiently below the seed provides the most convenient means of supplying accessible nutrients to spring cereals while limiting access to the nutrients by soil microorganisms and weeds.

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