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Monday, January 21, 2019


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1077. Broadbent, F.E. and F.J. Stevenson. 1966. Organic matter interactions.. Agricultural anhydrous ammonia: technology and use. p. 169-197..

5056. Parr, J.F. and R.I. Papendick. 1966. Retention of ammonia in soils. p. 213-236.. IN: M. McVickar et al. (eds.). Agricultural anhydrous ammonia: technology and use..

8457. Anon.. 1990. A glimpse of a world without pesticides and fertilizers.. The Bottom Line, p. 1-2, Dow Elanco Public Affairs, Midland, MI.
A study sponsored by the fertilizer and ag chemcial industry looked at the results of a total ban on pesticides and fertilizers. Lower yields, higher prices, trade difficulties, health risks, world hunger, and environmental damage were all cited as negative outcomes of such a move.

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