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Sunday, January 20, 2019


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8531. Ryan, J., A>R. Saghir, M. Shafyuddin, and A. Barsumian. 1982. Agronomic evaluation of Cytozyme as a growth regulator.. Agron. J. 74:144-146.
Cytozyme, an enzymatic growth stimulant product, was tested on sugarbeet, corn and tomato. It was applied to the seed alone and in combination with conventional organic manures, and with a commercial fertilizer. No measured parameters were affected by the product treatment.

8540. Tiedemann, A.R., W. Lopushinsky, and H.J. Larsen. 1980. Plant and soil responses to a commercial blue-green algae inoculant.. Soil Biol. Biochem. 12:471-475.
A commercial blue-green algae product (Genesis II) for improving the N content of soils was tested in pots on several tree and grass species. Plant biomass yields with live inoculant generally were significantly greater than with the control treatment, but were the same as with killed inoculum. Live algae plus P, K, and S further enhanced production. P, K and S alone produced no increase over the control. Nutrients in the inoculant stock solution appear to be responsible. Culture of the inoculum and soil found that species of the former were not dominant in the soil at the end of the test.

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