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Saturday, January 19, 2019


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9249. Slinkard, A.E. and D.B. Fowler (eds.). 1986. Wheat Production in Canada.. Division of Extension and Community Relations, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Sask..
The following is a listing of papers compiled in the book "Wheat Production in Canada". The book came from Canada by special order and contains many topics relevant to dryland wheat. 1. Wheat in Canada, past and present. 2. Wheat in Canada, present and future. 3. Spring wheat production in the Black and Gray soil zones of western Canada. 4. Spring wheat produciton in the Brown and Dark Brown soil zones of western Canada. 5. Winter wheat production in western Canada. 6. Wheat production in eastern Canada. 7. Intensive management of wheat in western Canada. 8. Nitrogen sources and placement in wheat production. 9. Water utilization and water use efficiency in relation to yield and quality of red spring wheat. 10. Effect of nitrogen-water interactions on yield and quality of wheat in western Canada. 11. Phosphorus, potassium and minor elements in wheat production.

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