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Tuesday, October 23, 2018


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4247. McDole, G.R.. 1932. Fertilizer suggestions for Idaho farmers.. U. of Idaho Ext. Bull. #88.
Idaho in first stage of commercial fertilizer use; fertilizer will never become a substitute for good farming methods; fertilizer should supplement existing means of maintaining fertility; p.10 "Are commercial fertilizers injurious to the soil?" Continued use of fertilizer without maintaining organic matter has led to impaired physical condition.

613. Baker, G.O.. undated. Commercial fertilizer recommendations for northern Idaho field crops.. Univ. of Idaho, and SCS.
Fertilizer recommendations; wheat 20-30 lb/ac N; grain seed 60 lb/ac N; legumes 100 lb/ac gypsum; alfalfa also needs borax 40 lb/ac. T: Fertilizer rates for various crops.

4002. Mahler, R.L., A.R. Halvorson and F.E. Koehler. 1985. Long-term acidification of farmland in northern Idaho and eastern. Comm. Soil Sci. Plant Anal. 16:83-95.
Soil acidification from N fertilizer first noticed in 1960's; has accelerated since then; critical levels for crops: alfalfa 5.6, wheat 5.2, peas and lentils 5.4; current wheat varieties relatively acid intolerant; liming needed to grow alfalfa on 45% of northern ID fields; acidification may be shifting weed pressures, encouraging diseases, decreasing availability of P and Mo. T: map of pH changes, N fertilizer use.

8457. Anon.. 1990. A glimpse of a world without pesticides and fertilizers.. The Bottom Line, p. 1-2, Dow Elanco Public Affairs, Midland, MI.
A study sponsored by the fertilizer and ag chemcial industry looked at the results of a total ban on pesticides and fertilizers. Lower yields, higher prices, trade difficulties, health risks, world hunger, and environmental damage were all cited as negative outcomes of such a move.

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