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Sunday, January 20, 2019


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2274. Greenland, D.J.. 1977. Soil structure and erosion hazard.. Soil Conserv. and Management in the Humid Tropics..
The structure of surface soil is usually given most attention in relation to soil erosion, because it is most subject to deterioration under raindrop impact, and due to agricultural practices its contition can be readily altered. However, subsoil structure is also important, as infiltration in a water-saturated profile is determined by the horizon of lowest conductivity.

5273. Pikul, J.L., J.F. Zuzel and D.E. Wilkins. 1988. Measurement of tillage-induced soil macroporosity.. Amer. Soc. Agric. Engr., Paper No. 88-1641.
An improved method to impregnate soil with paraffin was used to study tillage induced macroporosity. Macroporocity and water infiltration measurements, conducted in March, attest to the overwinter stability of macropore structure on both the chisel and Praplow tillage treatments. Water infiltration was least on the no-tillage treatment.

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