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Saturday, January 19, 2019


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6056. Saxton, K.E., D.K. McCool and R.I. Papendick. 1981. Slot mulch for runoff and erosion control.. J. Soil Water Conservation, (1):44-47.
A description of slot mulch technology which significantly reduced erosion and water runoff, and increased water infiltration. T: Observed tillage and residue effects on runoff from research plots.

7672. Wysocki, D.. 1989. Improving water infiltration in frozen soil.. STEEP Conservation Farming Update, Summer 1989, p.13-14..
Compared fall chisel versus standing stubble for water infiltration at 3 dates. No difference in July following harvest, much lower infiltration with stubble in December with 5" frost depth, no difference (low infiltration) in January with 14" frost depth. For chisel tillage to be effective, chisel marks must be open to the surface, and chisel fracturing should penetrate below the frost depth. Deeper chiseling at wider spacing, or subsoiling, may be an option.

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