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Wednesday, January 23, 2019


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10267. Jamtgaard, Keith. 1991. Discovering the social impacts of sustainable agriculture in Montana.. AERO Sun Times 18(2):6-8..
A survey of over 1000 Montana farmers and ranchers was conducted to determine the potential impacts of alternative agricultural practices. Seven major findings were reported. Sustainable farmers are quite similar to conventional operations in terms of size and land tenure. Sustainable farmers tended to report higher gross sales and receipts than otherwise comparable operations. There was little difference in off-farm income or government payments due to farm management. More family members of sustainable producers contribute labor to the operation. There were substantial differences in the types of goods and services purchased by sustainable and conventional farmers. Both supported local merchants equally. Sustainable operators tended to be somewhat more optimistic about intergenerational issues. Farmers perceive greater management complexity to be a large barrier to wider adoption of sustainable agriculture.

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