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Sunday, December 16, 2018


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2118. Fritz, M.. 1990. Ag economists put pencil to sustainable agriculture.. Growers Guide, January 1990 p. C14-15.
Paul Patterson of the Univ. of Idaho Extension in Idaho Falls is leading a 10-state regional study to develop budgets for low input and alternative crop production systems. This will be linked to a computer decision support system being developed at the national level. The analyses will be based on surveys of farmers and will include levels of erosion and a measure of potential water quality contamination.

10536. Krall, J.M., R.H. Delaney, and D.T. Taylor. 1991. Survey of nonirrigated crop production practices and attitudes of Wyoming producers.. J. Agron. Education 20:120-122.
Over 250 dryland farmers in Wyoming responded to a survey about their production practices. While the majority of the producers (76%) retain the winter wheat-fallow system, 29 farmers reported experimenting with rotations. Legume use was low. Over the previous five years, 44% of the farmers had attempted an alternative practice, with most producers placing environmental concerns ahead of input costs when selecting fallow practices. Nine percent did not use pesticides or fertilizers. 74% were interested in attending a meeting a low-input practices.

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