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Monday, February 18, 2019


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7414. Walker, D.J.. 1990 Jan.. Soil Loss Damage Model. STEEP Annual Review, Moscow, ID.
A PC computer model for estimating soil loss damage over time was demonstrated. The model indicates at what point in time it becomes "profitable" to switch to a conservation tillage or management system. A penalty for lost productivity due to soil erosion is calculated and carried forward a specified number of years. Walker indicated that the yield penalty for peas under conservation tillage is 14%. A sample printout shows all the input data and the topsoil depth, current profit advantage, erosion cost, and net value for each year of the projection.

10328. Viden, P.. 1992. Canadians swiping Indian lentil market.. Daily News, Pullman, WA 3/20/92, p. 12A..
Canadian subsidies are being blamed for significant losses of markets in south Asia for U.S. dry pea producers. Prices for peas landing in Bombay are $2.50 cwt less than the market price in the Pacific Northwest. Excellent Canadian harvests in recent years have also helped them expand markets.

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