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Wednesday, January 23, 2019


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10921. Cook, R.J.. 1988. Biological control and holistic plant-health care in agriculture.. Amer. J. Alternative Agr. 3(2,3):51-62.
Biological, chemical, and physical control of pests can be integrated in holistic plant-health care, also termed ICM or IPM. Eight principles of plant health are offered: 1) know the production limits of the agroecosystem; 2) rotate the crops; 3) maintain soil organic matter; 4) use clean planting material; 5) plant well-adapted, pest-resistant cultivars; 6) minimize environmental and nutritional stress; 7) maximize the effects of beneficial organisms; and 8) protect with pesticides as necessary.

10940. Cook, R.J.. 1986. Interrelationships of plant health and the sustainability of agriculture, with special reference to plant diseases.. Amer. J. Alternative Agr. 1(1):19-24.
In the Palouse region, wheat generally yields 4800-6200 kg/ha in years of normal precipitation (45-55 cm), but yields 6900-9000 kg/ha with the same water and fertilizer if the soil is fumigated to eliminate root diseases and weeds, and the plants are protected from foliar diseases and insects. Some practical alternatives to fumigation include crop rotation, tillage, flooding, heating, and organic amendments that intensify biological stress on pathogens.

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