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Friday, February 22, 2019


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7290. Vlitos, A.J. and D.A. Preston. 1949. Seed treatment of field legumes.. Phytopathology, 93(9):706-714.
Alfalfa seed treated with Phygon at 1.00, 0.50 and 0.25% dosages by weight of seed gave high significant germination as compared with nontreated seed. Arasan at 1.00 %, Dow 9B and 1.00 %, and Spergon and 0.50% dosage rates were all superior to nontreatment, but less effective than Phygon. Nodulation was not inhibited by chemical treatment of seed alfalfa, mungbean, yellow hop clover, Chinese red cowpea, hairy vetch, and Austrian winter pea, when chemical treatment was followed by seed inoculation with "Nitragin" bacterial inoculum. Nodulation of Chinese red cowpea was enhanced if seed of these legumes were treated with Phygon or Arasan and then inoculated with "Nitrigin". Chemically treated seed yielded more plants with nodules than nontreated seed. T: effect of seed treatments on alfalfa germination. Compatability of seed treatment and inoculation with nodule bacteria, and the effect on nodulation, in alfalfa and cowpea.

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