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Sunday, December 16, 2018


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1440. Cook, R.J.(ed.). 1969. Nature of the inluence of crop residues on fungus-induced root diseases.. Western Regional Research Publ. W-38, WA Agr. Expt. Sta. Bull 716.
Includes crops throughout the western states, including irrigated land and horticultural crops. Discusses techniques for studying pathogens in the soil environment, persistance, growth, nutrient interaction, role of antibiosis, and residue effects.

1962. Fenwick, H.S., R.L. Forster, and H.W. Homan. 1979. Seed treatment of cereals for diseases and insect control.. ID Agr. Expt. Sta. CIS #484.
Discusses wheat, barley, and also oats; cereal smuts, seedling blight; insects; lists chemical controls.

2535. Henderson, L.F.. 1906. Experiments with wheat and oats for smut.. ID Agr. Expt. Sta. Bull. #53.
A method using formaldehyde to control smut on grain seed

2597. Herrman, T. and M.V. Wiese. 1984. Foot rot control in winter wheat using tillage, rotation, variety, fungicide, and nitrogen variables.. ID Agr. Expt. Sta. CIS #737.
Worst infection with conventional tillage; Stephens a more resistant variety; 3 yr rotation had lowest level, also lower levels with peas versus lentils; fungicides increased yields 4-6 bu/ac; no effect of level of N fertilizer; evidence from other areas that green manure could reduce infection levels; late fall tillage reduces infection; reduced tillage intensifies other diseases such as Cephalosporium stripe and Fusarium root rot. T: disease incidence by tillage, variety, fungicide.

2818. Hungerford, C.W.. 1930. Treatment for control of grain smuts.. ID Agr. Expt. Sta. Circular #59.
Gives descriptions of methods available. T: suggested treatment

3579. Kephart, K.D. and R.E. Allan. 1988. Madsen and Hyak soft white winter wheats.. ID Agr. Expt. Sta. CIS #823.
These varieties are resistant to strawbreaker foot rot, also to 3 rust pathogens; can allow earlier fall seeding date.

5735. Rasmussen, P.E. and C.R. Rohde. 1988. Stubble burning effects on winter wheat yield and N utilization under semiarid conditions.. Agronomy J. 80:940-942.
Burning vs. not burning was examined at 3 nitrogen levels over 6 years (3 crops). Burning had no effect on grain yield or grain N uptake. Burning increased straw yield when wheat was fertilized by N, but had no effect on straw N uptake. Burning did not decrease foot rot incidence or severity, but did reduce downy brome density. T: Effects of stubble burning and N fertilization on grain and straw of winter wheat 1980-85. Effect of stubble burning on foot rot infection. Effect of stubble burning on downybrome infestation.

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