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Sunday, March 24, 2019


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10988. Cook, R.J.. 1981. The influence of rotation crops on Take-all decline phenomenon.. Phytopathology 71:189-192.
Five rotation crops (potatoes, oats, alfalfa, beans, grass) were tested for their ability to promote take-all decline in continuous wheat. Take-all from natural inoculum was common on wheat plants in plots previously planted to wheat, grass, or soybeans, but was mild or nonexistent on wheat after oats, potatoes, or alfalfa. When inoculum was introduced, take-all was severe in plots previously planted to potatoes, oats, alfalfa, or beans, whether or not the soil had been fumigated. In contrast, soil in plots previously planted to wheat or the grass mixture had to be fumigated before disease of such severity could develop in response to introduced inoculum. Soils cropped continuously to wheat or wheat in rotation with grass were suppresive to take-all; the other crops resulted in soil becoming highly conducive to take-all.

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