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Friday, January 18, 2019


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1802. Elliott, L.F., R.I. Papendick, and D.F. Bezdicek. 1987. Cropping practices using legumes with conservation tillage and soil benefits.. IN: J.F. Power (ed.) The role of legumes in conservation tillage systems.
A review article covering examples from around the world as well as specific research from WA. Discusses the role of legumes in maintaining soil productivity, and the constraints on their use. Describes research with several rotations and several legumes in a wheat based system. Wheat yields following red clover were highest of any of the legumes. When any of the legumes was chemically killed, winter wheat yields planted into the residue declined dramatically. T: effect of Medicago on wheat yield; commonly planted legumes and their characteristics; effect of tillage, rotation, and N rate on wheat yield (WA); legume N production and water use (WA); residual soil water under various crops (WA).

2617. Hill, K.W.. 1954. Wheat yields and soil fertility on the Canadian prairies after a half century of farming.. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. Proc. 18:182-184.
T: soil properties X rotation; wheat yields X time

5122. Pesik, J., and L. Kozak. 1982. Possibilities of compensating unfavorable influence of less suitable forecrops in winter wheat.. Rostlina Vyroba, 28(4):381-388.
The strongest influence on yield was exerted by forecrop. The increased N-fertilization or organic fertilization decreased the yield difference in rotations with a higher cereal concentration, but it did not compensate the negative influence of less suitable forecrops on the yield level of unfertilized clover crops. The long-term application of organic matter resulted in the decrease of pH, however the amount of available nutrients (P, K, Mg) and humus percentage increased.

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