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Monday, February 18, 2019


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10496. Wood, C.W., G.A. Peterson, D.G. Westfall, C.V. Cole, and W.O. Willis. 1991. Nitrogen balance and biomass production of newly established no-till dryland agroecosystems.. Agron. J. 83:519-526.
Three cropping systems were compared under no-till management: wheat-fallow, wheat-corn-millet-fallow, and perennial grass. The four-year crop rotation had greater aboveground production, greater N uptake, and greater residue retention that wheat-fallow. Continous grass had less aboveground production and N uptake but greater residue retention than the cropped systems. The four-year rotation had lower potential for N leaching than wheat-fallow, and greater potential for replenishment of soil organic N.

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