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8225. Van Dyne, D.L., M.G. Blase, and K.D. Carlson. 1990. Industrial feedstocks and products from high erucic acid oil: crambe and industrial rapeseed.. University of Missouri-Columbia, Printing Office, Columbia, MO 65211.
This report summarizes the High Erucic Acid Oil Project that examined the use of rapeseed and crambe as sources of this versatile industrial feedstock. The report covers products and uses, seed composition, production and processing, economics, an outlook, and a bibliography. A market for both the primary product and by-products (feed) must occur together. The oil can be used in plastics, lubricants, and slipping agents.

10625. Anon.. 1991. New crops, and old, offer alternative opportunities.. Farmline, Jan. 1991, p. 12-16.
A number of alternate crops were evaluated for economic potential. Industrial applications were of particular interest. These crops could help reduce Federal farm subsidies and substitute for imports.

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