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Monday, January 21, 2019


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6855. Thostenson, A.A.. 1989. Spring canola production. Spectrum Crop Development, P.O. Box 541, Ritzville, WA 99169.
A one page summary of agronomic practices: seed quality, seedbed preparation, seeding rate, seeding depth, drills, fertilization, weed control, insects, water, harvesting

1344. Clements, H.F.. 1937. Studies in the drought resistance of the sunflower and the potato.. Research studies of the State College of Washington, Vol. V:97-98, Pullman, WA.
Sunflower maintained metabolism better than potato. The nitrogen metabolism was maintained throughout the drought. Sunflower responded by reducing leaf area. Potato could not respond and died prematurely.

4722. Murray, G.A., D.L. Auld, and F.V. Pumphrey. 1987. Alternative crops for Pacific Northwest rotation and tillage systems. p. 595-597.. IN: L.F. Elliott (ed.). STEEP - Conservation Concepts and Accomplishments. WSU Publications..
A summary of winter rapeseed, winter peas, chikpeas, safflower, and sunflower for use as alternate crops in the inland northwest. T: Potential over-winter erosion control, equipment needs and uses of commercialized alternative crops in traditional grain-spring legume areas. T: Summary of planting practices for commercial alternate crops.

6100. Schafer, E.G., E.F. Gaines and O.E. Barbee. 1923. Washington oats.. WA Ag. Exp. Sta. Bull. #179.
Yields of oat varieties. T: Yields of oat varieties.

6610. Spectrum Crop Development Corp.. 1989. Development of new crops and alternative cropping technologies for dryland eastern Washington.. Spectrum Crop Development Corp., P.O. Box 541, Ritzville, WA 99169.
A general statement on methods and problems in developing alternative crops to be used in rotations with wheat. Methods span agronomic practices to marketing. Current trials include black sesame, soybean, fennel, amaranth, winter pea, black lentil, small red lentil, niger, poppy, chickpea, quinoa, dill, flax, coriander, favabean.

7221. Veseth, R.. 1989. Small red lentils as a fallow substitute.. STEEP Conservation Farming Update, Spring 1989, p. 15.
Small red lentils may provide a viable cash crop substitute for summer fallow in the 14-18 inch rainfall zone. Yields at Davenport were 1,202 lb/acre an 1988 (a drought year). Red lentils consume little water and would not interfere with subsequent winter wheat seeding. They require no nitrogen fertilizer, can be grown with conservation tillage, and reduce disease incidence in wheat. T: Comparison of yields of small red, large red, and large yellow lentils at Davenport, WA.

10978. Anon.. 1990. New Jersey firm wants Palouse canola seed.. Palouse Living, 1/16/90, Pullman, WA..
DNAP wants to expand production of spring canola for processing at Idaho Falls. Contracts will be available to growers. Fields need to be at least a mile from other rape or canola fields to avoid contamination.

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