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Wednesday, January 23, 2019


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7841. Koala, S., J.R. Sims, H. El-Attar, and M. El-Halfawia. 1988. Phosphorus deficiency in semi-arid tropics and implications for grain legume production. p. 205-216.. IN: R.J. Summerfield (ed.). World Crops: Cool Season Food Legumes..

8252. Auld, D.L., D.R. Brady, and K.A. Mahler. 1989. Rapeseed and canola breeding in North America: The U.S. potential.. 5th Crucifer Genetics Workshop Report No. 4. Genetic Resources Conservation program, U.C., Davis, CA.
Five factors currently limit expanded canola production in the U.S.: farm program, lack of proven varieties, lack of grower education, lack of integration into the oil industry, price fluctuations. Many efforts are underway to develop proven varieties for various parts of the U.S., and these are listed. Also, a table of potential pest considerations is included.

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