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Friday, February 22, 2019

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Apple Replant Disease

Apple replant disease is experienced in most parts of the world when a new apple planting is made on land just removed from apple production. This occurs as orchards are renewed for new varieties or management systems. The causal organisms for apple replant disease vary by geographic location. In the Pacific Northwest, fungal pathogens are the primary culprits, and nematodes can also be involved. Replant diseases exist for other perennial fruits as well, and the organisms involved vary by species and location. Replant diseases are typically treated by soil fumigation, since the economic losses from no treatment are severe. Research by USDA-ARS (Dr. Mark Mazzola) has focused on alternatives to methyl bromide fumigation and have explored many biological and cultural practices that could also be used on organic farms.

Advances in Brassica seed meal formulation and application protocol for control of apple replant disease. M. Mazzola poster, December 2010, Wash. St. Hort. Assoc. meeting.  A summary of the most recent field results using brassica seed meal mixtures.


Response of 'Honeycrisp' apple trees to combinations of pre-plant fumigation, deep ripping, and hog manure compost incorporation in a soil with replant disease. 2010. HortScience 45:1702-1707. Braun et al., AgCanada, Kentville, Nova Scotia.

Potential of Brassicaceae seed meal formulations for replant disease control in organic and conventional orchard systems. A summary of recent findings by Mark Mazzola, USDA-ARS, on the use of brassica meal to control the replant disease complex (fungi and nematodes) in Washington apple orchards.

Alternatives to Fumigation for Control of Apple Replant Disease in Washington State Orchards, by David Granatstein and Mark Mazzola. A PDF manuscript.

Alternatives to Fumigation for Control of Apple Replant Disease in Washington State Orchards, by Mark Mazzola and David Granatstein. An on-line PDF Powerpoint presentation.

New Ideas on Alternatives to Fumigation for Control of Apple Replant Disease, by Mark Mazzola. An on-line PDF Powerpoint presentation."


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