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Friday, February 22, 2019

Organic Fruit Production

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Introduction to Organic Farming


Horticulture - Apple

Production Materials

A Cost Comparison of Organic and Conventional Apple Production in the State of Washington. 2013. M. Taylor and D. Granatstein, Crop Management doi:10.1094/CM-2013-2013-0429-05-RS.  A comparison of organic 'Gala' apple production in Washington State using two methods: crop enterprise budgets, and data from the USDA National Ag Statistics Service ARMS apple survey.


Wash. St. Hort. Assoc. organic session December 2011 presentations:

Organic Tree Fruit Trends. D. Granatstein and E. Kirby, WSU
US organic program equivalency. Linda Condon, WSDA Organic Food Program
An organic buyer's perspective. Peter LeCompte, Earthbound Farms Inc.
An in-store assessment of consumer willingness to pay for organic apples. Nate Skuza, EWU.
Life without antibiotics: understanding flower biology in the development of biologically-based integrate fire blight management strategies. Larry Pusey, USDA-ARS.
Life without antibiotics: non-antibiotic systems approach to fire blight control. Ken Johnson, Oregon State University
Managing soil biology for multiple orchard benefits. Mark Mazzola, USDA-ARS.
Orchard understory management options: moving from headache to money maker. D. Granatstein, WSU.
Making money through tree canopy management: crop load, fruit size, return bloom, and fruit finish. Tory Schmidt, WTFRC.
Orchard system integration from the front line: true life experiences. Mike Robinson, Double Diamond Fruit Co.

Just released:  Draft report Status of Organic Tree Fruit in Washington State and Other Regions: 2010 

Characteristics of Conventional and Organic Apple Production in the U.S.  A 2011 report from USDA-ERS based on the 2007 national ARMS apple survey.

Wash. St. Hort. Assoc. organic session December 2010 presentations:

Current trends in organic tree fruit production. D. Granatstein and E. Kirby
Habitat modification and conservation of biological control in organic orchards.
T. Unruh
Organic fertilizer panel.
Survey of organic growers toolbox.

Organic codling moth management in Washington and the world.
A. Knight
WSDA Organic program update. L. Eklund
Managing soil microbial communities function in your orchard. J. Moore-Kucera

Organic tree fruit research priorities. Organic tree fruit growers in the Pacific Northwest participated in a series of real-time surveys of organic tree fruit problems, research needs, and priorities. The surveys were held during various educational meetings, using the Turning Point audience participation technology.  Overlap between meetings in a given year was less than 30% of the audience.  Survey questions were adjusted somewhat for each meeting, depending on the topic of interest. A number of questions were the same for all meetings.

Wash. St. Hort Assoc. organic session December 2008

G.S. Long organic grower meeting, January 2009

G.S. Long organic grower meeting, January 2010

Wilbur-Ellis organic grower meeting, February 2010

G.S. Long organic grower meeting, January 2011

Wilbur-Ellis organic grower meeting, February 2011

Organic Tree Fruit Research Needs for Washington State. September 2003. Developed from a series of meetings with growers, WSU, USDA-ARS, Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission.

Organic session, 2008 Annual Meeting, Washington State Horticulture Association, Yakima, WA. Includes presentations on statistics, economics, and biocontrol.

Eco-Fruit is a European group of researchers working on organic fruit production. They hold a conference every other year, and have reported on many studies. Proceedings in English are now being made available on line.

Current Status of Global Organic Temperate Fruit. Presentation given at the International Organic Fruit Conference in Vignola, Italy, June 19-17, 2008. Co-sponsored by ISHS and IFOAM. The presentation covers consumer market trends, fruit production trends, and economics. The conference included over 40 presentations on plant protection, plant nutrition and soils, post harvest, and economics. Manuscript is published as Acta Hort 873:19-35 (2010). This paper and others are also on line at Organic E-Prints.

Upper Midwest Organic Tree Fruit Growers Network. A good collection of resources, especially for more humid zone production.

4th National Organic Tree Fruit Research Symposium proceedings. E. Lansing, Michigan, March 2007.

3rd National Organic Tree Fruit Research Symposium.
June 6-8, 2005, Chelan, Washington, USA. Proceedings from the symposium are available here as a PDF file. The next symposium is planned for 2007 in Michigan.


Peshastin Creek Areawide Organic Pear Project. Link to the project description and extensive on-line insect monitoring results from this comparison of conventional, 'soft', and organic insect pest management.



Tree Fruit Production with Organic Farming Methods, by David Granatstein. A PDF manuscript.

Current Trends in Organic Tree Fruit Production, by D. Granatstein and E. Kirby. A PDF manuscript presenting organic tree fruit acreages in Washington State along with national and international estimates. Price trends are also included. Data cover through the end of 2001.

Trends in Organic Tree Fruit Production - 2001, by David Granatstein. An on-line Powerpoint presentation featuring updated data on organic tree fruit acreage in Washington State, nationally, and internationally, and trends in organic apple and pear prices. Dated 2/18/02. A more thorough report will be forthcoming.


Trends in Organic Tree Fruit Production in Washington State - 1988-1999. by David Granatstein. EB1898E. A detailed analysis of organic tree fruit acreage and trends.

Other printed resource material


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