2018 Crop Protection Guide for Tree Fruits in Washington

Pesticide Safety

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Precautions in Using and Storing Pesticides

  1. Read and follow label instructions when using and storing any pesticides.
  2. All pesticides must be stored in a secure, locked, and labeled facility.
  3. Take all reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized entry or theft of pesticides and fertilizers.

Pesticide Disposal

WSDA's Waste Pesticide Identification and Disposal Program, in cooperation with local agencies, regularly collects unusable agricultural and commercial grade pesticides.  Participants are not charged a disposal fee.  Several collections are held throughout the state each year.

Advance registration is required to participate.  Participants can sign up or request to be notified of the next disposal event by sending their name, phone number, and complete mailing address to WSDA, Pesticide Disposal Program.  After pre-registering, participants are given an inventory sheet and instructions, which are available on the internet at https://agr.wa.gov/PestFert/Pesticides/WastePesticide.aspx.

Additional information, such as a schedule of pesticide collection dates, can be obtained by calling 1-877-301-4555 (toll free) or email at WastePesticide@agr.wa.gov.  

Pesticide Container Recycling

Agri-Plas, Inc. is contracted by the Agricultural Container Recycling Council (ACRC) to operate the plastic recycling program in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. This program recycles plastic containers that held pesticides, micro-nutrients, adjuvants and cleaners. Container recycling is provided at no charge and is supported by the chemical manufacturers. Triple rinse or pressure rinse empty pesticide containers, drain, dry, and remove slip-on labels, label booklets, or hard plastic lids. Follow all label directions for proper rinsing of particular products.  Container collection events are held at several locations around the state. For more information on this pesticide container disposal program and a schedule of collection events contact Allen Jongsma at 503-390-2381 or by email info@agriplasinc.com . You may also visit the Agri-Plas, Inc. website at http://www.agriplasinc.com or the WSU Extension Pesticide Safety Education program at http://pep.wsu.edu/resources/.

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