2018 Crop Protection Guide for Tree Fruits in Washington

Pesticide Resistance Management

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

MOA Table

Different MOA numbers define different modes of action.  Sub-groups (letters) represent distinct structural classes believed to have the same mode of action, but risk of cross-resistance may be reduced.  In rotation programs, materials with different MOA numerals should be chosen.  If none are available, chemicals from different subgroups should be chosen as an alternative to using the same compound repeatedly.

Modes of Action for recommended fungicides

Trade nameName
FRAC (mode of action) Code = 1
MBC-fungicides; affects mitosis and cell division
Topsin M 70WPthiophanate-methyl
FRAC Code = 11
Qol-fungicides; affects respiration
Abound 2.08Fazoxystrobin
Cabrio 20EGpyraclostrobin
Flint 50Wtrifloxystrobin
Gem 25Wtrifloxystrobin
Gem 500 4.17SCtrifloxystrobin
Sovran 50WGkresoxim-methyl
FRAC Code = 13
Quinolines; affects protein signal transduction
Quintec 2.08Lquinoxyfen
FRAC Code = 2
Dicarboximides; affects signal transduction
Rovral 4Fiprodione
Rovral 50Wiprodione
FRAC Code = 25
Glucopyranosyl antibiotic; affects amino acids and protein synthesis
Agri-mycin 17streptomycin sulfate
FRAC Code = 3
DMI-fungicides; affects sterol biosynthesis in membranes
Elite 45DFtebuconazole
Indar 75WSPfenbuconazole
Orbit 3.6Lpropiconazole
Procure 480SCtriflumizole
Procure 50WStriflumizole
Quash 50WDGmetconazole
Rally 40WSPmyclobutanil
Rubigan 1ECfenarimol
Tebustar 45WSPtebuconazole
Trionic 4SCtriflumazole
Vintage SCfenarimol
FRAC Code = 41
Tetracycline antibiotic; affects amino acids and protein synthesis
FireLine 17WPoxytetracycline
FRAC Code = 7
SDHI fungicides; affects respiration
Luna Privilegefluopyram
FRAC Code = 9
AP-fungicides; affects amino acids and protein synthesis
Vangard 75WGcyprodinil
FRAC Code = M1
Copper; multi-site contact activity
Basic Copper 53fixed copper
Cuevacopper octanoate
Kocide 3000copper hydroxide
Previstocopper hydroxide
FRAC Code = M2
Sulfur; multi-site contact activity
Golden Micronized Sulfur 92%sulfur
Kumulus 80DFsulfur, dry flowable
Proganic Micronized Sulfur 92%sulfur, wettable
FRAC Code = M3
Dithocarbamates and relatives; multi-site contact activity
Dithane M45 80Wmancozeb
Polyram 80DFmetiram
Thiram Granuflo 75WDGthiram
Ziram 76DFziram
Ziram Granuflo 76WDGziram
FRAC Code = M4
Phthalimides; multi-site contact activity
Captan 50WPcaptan
FRAC Code = M5
Chloronitriles (phthalonitriles); multi-site contact activity
Bravo Ultrex 82.5WDGchlorothalonil


Premix fungicides with multiple modes
Adament 50WG
trifloxystrobin 11
Inspire Super
Luna Sensation
trifloxystrobin 11
Quadris Top
difenoconazole 3
Unicorn DF
sulfur M2


Modes of Action for recommended insecticides

Trade nameName
Mode of action = 10A
Mite growth inhibitor
Apollo 4SCclofentezine
Onager 1EChexythiazox
Savey 50DFhexythiazox
Mode of action = 10B
Mite growth inhibitor
Zeal 72WDGetoxazole
Mode of action = 12B
Inhibititors of mitochondrial ATP synthase
Vendex 50WPfenbutatin oxide
Mode of action = 12C
Organotin miticides; inhibititors of mitochondrial ATP synthase (energy metabolism)
Omite 30WSpropargite
Mode of action = 15
Benzoylureas; inhibitors of chitin biosynthesis, type 0 (growth regulation)
Dimilin 2Ldiflubenzuron
Rimon 0.83ECnovaluron
Mode of action = 16
Inhibitors of chitin biosynthesis, type 1 (growth regulation)
Centaur 70Wbuprofezin
Mode of action = 18
Diacylhydrazines; ecdysone receptor agonists (growth regulation)
Confirm 2Ftebufenozide
Mode of action = 18A
Diacylhydrazines; ecdysone receptor agonists (growth regulator)
Intrepid 2Fmethoxyfenozide
Mode of action = 1A
Carbamates; acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitors (nerve action)
Carzol 92SPformetanate hydrochloride
Lannate 90SPmethomyl
Lannate LV 2.4Lmethomyl
Sevin 4Fcarbaryl
Sevin 80 WSPcarbaryl
Sevin XLR Pluscarbaryl
Vydate 2Loxamyl
Mode of action = 1B
Organophosphates; acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitors (nerve action)
Diazinon 50Wdiazinon
Diazinon AG500diazinon
Dimethoate 2.67ECdimethoate
Dimethoate 4ECdimethoate
Guthion 50WPazinphos methyl
Imidan 70Wphosmet
Lorsban 75WGchlorpyrifos
Lorsban Advancedchlorpyrifos
Malathion Aquamul 8malathion
Malathion ULV malathion
Supracide 25Wmethidathion
Supracide 2Emethidathion
Mode of action = 20B
Mitochondrial complex III electron transport inhibitors (energy metabolism)
Kanemite 15SCacequinocyl
Mode of action = 21A
METI acaricides and insecticides; mitochondrial complex I electron transport inhibitors (energy metabolism)
FujiMite 5%ECfenpyroximate
Nexter 75WSBpyridaben
Mode of action = 22A
Mitochondrial complex I electron transport inhibitors (energy metabolism)
Avaunt 30DGindoxacarb
Mode of action = 23
Tetronic and Tetramic acid derivatives; inhibitors of acetyl CoA carboxylase (lipid synthesis, growth regulation)
Envidor 2SCspirodiclofen
Movento 2Lspirotetramat
Ultor 1.25Lspirotetramat
Mode of action = 28
Diamides; ryanodine receptor modulators (nerve and muscle action)
Altacor 35WDGchlorantraniliprole
Belt 4SCflubendiamide
Mode of action = 2A
Cyclodiene organochlorines; GABA-gated chloride channel antagonists (nerve action)
Thionex 3ECendosulfan
Thionex 50Wendosulfan
Mode of action = 3A
Pyrethroids & pyrethrins; sodium channel modulators (nerve action)
Ambush 25WPpermethrin
Asana XLesfenvalerate
Battalion 0.2ECdeltamethrin
Danitol 2.4ECfenpropathrin
Pounce 3.2ECpermethrin
Proaxis 0.5Lgamma-cyhalothrin
PyGanic 1.4ECpyrethrins
PyGanic 5ECpyrethrins
Warrior 1CSlambda-cyhalothrin
Mode of action = 4A
Neonicotinoids; nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) agonists (nerve action)
Actara 25WDGthiamethoxam
Admire 2Fimidacloprid
Admire Pro 4.6Limidacloprid
Assail 30SGacetamiprid
Assail 70WPacetamiprid
Belay 50WDGclothianidin
Calypso 4Fthiacloprid
Clutch 50WDGclothianidin
Provado 1.6Fimidacloprid
TriStar 30SGacetamiprid
TriStar 8.5 SLacetamiprid
Mode of action = 4C
Neonicotinoids; nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) agonists (nerve action)
Closer SCsulfoxaflor
Mode of action = 5
Spinosyns; nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) allosteric activators (nerve action)
Delegate 25WGspinetoram
Entrust 80Wspinosad
Entrust SCspinosad
GF-120 0.02% Baitspinosad
Success 2Fspinosad
Mode of action = 6
Avermectins & milbemycins; chloride channel activators (nerve and muscle action)
Agri-Mek 0.15ECabamectin
Agri-Mek SCabamectin
Epi-Mek 0.15ECabamectin
Proclaim 5SGemamectin benzoate
Mode of action = 7C
Juvenile hormone mimics (growth regulation)
Esteem 35WPpyriproxyfen
Mode of action = 9C
Selective homopteran feeding blockers
Beleaf 50SGflonicamid

Modes of Action for recommended herbicides

Trade nameName
WSSA (mode of action) Code = 1
Acetyl CoA carboxylase ACCase inhibitors (blocks ACCase, an enzyme that helps the formation of lipids in the roots of grass plants)
Fusilade DX 2Lfluazifop
Poast sethoxydim
WSSA Code = 10
Glutamine synthetase inhibitors
Rely 280glufosinate-ammonium
WSSA Code = 12
Carotenoids biosynthesis inhibitors
Solicam 78.6DFnorflurazon
WSSA Code = 14
Chlorophyll and heme biosynthesis inhibitors
Aim 2ECcarfentrazone-ethyl
Galigan 2Eoxyfluorfen
Goal 2XLoxyfluorfen
GoalTender oxyfluorfen
OxiFlo 2ECoxyfluorfen
WSSA Code = 15
Cell growth inhibitors
Devrinol 50DFnapropamide
WSSA Code = 2
ALS/AHAS inhibitors (acetolactate (ALS) and actohydroxy acid (AHAS) are essential in amino acid and protein synthesis)
Matrix FNVrimsulfuron
WSSA Code = 20
Inhibits actively dividing merestems in roots and shoots as well as seed germination
Casoron 4Gdichlobenil
WSSA Code = 21
Cell wall (cellulose) biosynthesis inhibitors
Casoron CSdichlobenil
Gallery 75DFisoxaben
WSSA Code = 22
Cell membrane disrupters
Gramoxone Inteonparaquat
Gramoxone Maxparaquat
WSSA Code = 29
Cell wall (cellulose) biosynthesis inhibitors
Alion 1.67indaziflam
WSSA Code = 3
Microtubule assembly inhibitors (inhibit cell division in roots)
Kerb 50Wpronamide
Oryzalin 4ASoryzalin
Prowl H2Opendimethalin
Surflan ASoryzalin
WSSA Code = 4
Synthetic auxins (affect cell and tissue growth)
Amine 4 2,4-D2,4-D
Orchard Master2,4-D
Saber 2,4-D
Starane Ultra 2.8fluroxypyr
Stinger clopyralid
Weed Rhap 2,4-D Amine 2,4-D
Weedar 642,4-D
WSSA Code = 5
Photosynthesis inhibitors at Photosystem II, Site A
Princep 4Lsimazine
Princep Caliber 90simazine
Sim-Trol 4Lsimazine
Sim-Trol 90DFsimazine
Simazine 4Lsimazine
Simazine 90DFsimazine
Sinbar terbacil
WSSA Code = 7
Photosynthesis inhibitors at Photosystem II, Site B
Direx 4Ldiuron
Diuron 4Ldiuron
Diuron 80WDGdiuron
Karmex DFdiuron
WSSA Code = 9
EPSP synthesis inhibitors (amino acid sysnthesis inhibitors)
Roundup Originalglyphosate
Roundup PowerMAXglyphosate


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