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Resources for Insects and Other Pests (or Friends)

New Insecticides and Miticides for Apple and Pear IPM
A comprehensive review of the newer materials now available for pest management in apples and pears.

Western Orchard Pest & Disease Management Conference
Home page for the WOPDMC; proceedings from the 2004 meeting are now mostly online along with those from 2001 — 2003.

Pest Management Practices Survey 2000 Results
A survey of grower practices in Washington apple, pear, and cherry orchards during the year 2000 and a comparison with earlier surveys made in 1989 and 1990.

Building a Stable IPM System for Western Orchards
Newsletter, FAQ, reports and other resources produced by this multi-state project led by WSU-TFREC entomologists.

Pear Entomology
Updated pages for 2004 from the Pear Entomology Lab are now available. Information is featured on most arthropod pests of pear and the damage they cause, including a detailed picture gallery. The Peshastin Creek Growers Areawide Organic Project newsletter also will be available here.

Crop Protection Guide
for Tree Fruits in Washington--PDF version of the 2004 guide. Portions of this guide are now available in database format for Palm, Microsoft Access, or Filemaker Pro users.

Pesticide labels and MSDS sheets
Links to labels and MSDS sheets for many insecticides and fungicides are available on the WSU fruit team web site.

more Horticultural...

Updated Statistics on Organic Tree Fruit Production and Other Crops
Two new reports provide up-to-date information on organic crop acreage. One report details all the certified and transitional acres in Washington State by crop. The other report provides the 2002 acreages for organic apples, pears and cherries in Washington State, including apple and pear varieties. These reports complement the more detailed analysis in "Current Trends in Organic Tree Fruit Production - 2001" that covers national and international trends as well. All reports are in PDF format. Produced by D. Granatstein, WSU Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Soils and Fertilizers
Outline of a Master Gardener Seminar by Jennifer Moore (formerly WSU-TFREC). "Soils are complex mixtures of minerals, organic compounds, and living organisms that interact continuously in response to natural and imposed biological, chemical, and physical forces."

Estimating Water Use by Plants: Evapotranspiration Calculator
The use of water by plants can be estimated by calculating what is known as potential evapotranspiration (pET). This is the possible loss of water through evaporation and transpiration. Transpiration is the movement of water through a plant from the soil into the roots, up the stem, and out through the leaves. Simple calculations of pET can be based on sun, wind, temperature, and humidity.


A Field Guide to Experimental Designs
The term experimental design is fairly generic and is best defined within the field of research in which it is used. Most of the designs illustrated here are statistical layouts used in agricultural, environmental, and other biological research.

Statewide Research and Extension Staff for Tree Fruits and Grapes--PDF format
A tad out-of-date (a to-do project) list of the tree fruit and grape researchers and extension agents statewide within the State of Washington. This is in PDF format (a reader is available from

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