var kloshe; var latlng = new google.maps.LatLng(47.2, -120.8); var infoWindow = new google.maps.InfoWindow(); var setOfMarkers = []; var setOfCounties = []; var setOfNames = []; function shoMap() { var byMapping=google.maps.MapTypeId.TERRAIN; var myOptions= { zoom: 7, center: latlng, mapTypeId: byMapping }; kloshe = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById("bmsb_canvas"),myOptions); dropPoint(46.3043,119.3614,"# 23 West Richland, WA; on his wife's arm, sitting on couch in living room; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0522,122.9255,"# 24 Olympia, WA; Collected on a fence post in urban neighborhood; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4875,120.0586,"

# 25 , WA; ; Detected

","gray32"); dropPoint(47.5913,117.356,"

# 26 , WA; ; Detected

","gray32"); dropPoint(47.20506,122.23542,"# 31 Sumner, WA; Bush has pinned specimens; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(48.0036064,122.2122346,"# 32 Everett, WA; Image on file with Bush; 1 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(47.40235,122.316372,"# 33 Federal Way, WA; Overwintering adults moving into the building as spring warmed up.; 20 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.665078,117.417065,"# 34 Spokane, WA; Collected on Maple; 28 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(45.677,122.687,"# 35 Vancouver, WA; NE Sluman St.; 10 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6526,122.5992,"# 37 Vancouver, WA; Near NE 72nd Ave; 9 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6358,122.6834,"# 39 Vancouver, WA; Collected on Lincoln; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6518,122.5979,"# 40 Vancouver, WA; Collected on NE 41st St.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6529,122.5992,"# 41 Vancouver, WA; Collected on NE 72nd Ave.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6751,122.6518,"# 42 Vancouver, WA; 1919 NE 78th St. WSU Clark County Extension.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6746,122.6514,"# 43 Vancouver, WA; 1919 NE 78th St. at the WSU Clark County Extension.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.653,122.5992,"# 44 Vancouver, WA; 72nd Ave.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6526,122.5986,"# 45 Vancouver, WA; NE 72nd Ave.; 10 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6524,122.5986,"# 46 Vancouver, WA; NE 72nd Ave.; 12 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6338,122.6065,"# 47 Vancouver, WA; NE 65th and NE 18th St. Burnt Bridge Creek Park; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.677,122.6869,"# 48 Vancouver, WA; NE Sluman Rd.; 10 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6777,122.6916,"# 49 Vancouver, WA; NW Sluman Rd.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6776,122.6915,"# 50 Vancouver, WA; NW Sluman Rd.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.076313,118.328133,"# 53 Walla Walla, WA; Delivered to the Benton County Extension Office; 20 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.067488,118.368306,"# 55 Walla Walla, WA; Pinned specimen, WSU Extension/Yakima County Office Found outside entrance of the Walla Walla Holiday Inn Express; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.0668101,118.3251369,"# 60 Walla Walla, WA; Image only; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.065234,118.317345,"# 62 Walla Walla, WA; Image only; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.0645809,118.3430209,"# 63 Walla Walla, WA; Images on file in WSU Extension, Yakima County Found in my yard in Walla Walla.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.0645809,118.34302,"# 64 Walla Walla, WA; Images on file at WSU Extension Yakima County. CC to Gwen Hoheisel; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.3773509,120.3086667,"# 56 Toppenish, WA; This client was searching for the source of her 'What Is Biting Me' and may be a candidate for delusional infestation.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.10608278,118.2994081,"# 66 Walla Walla, WA; On maple trees near house and vineyard; 2 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(46.10608278,118.2994081,"# 66 Walla Walla, WA; On maple trees near house and vineyard; 2 nymphs2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.1125,118.284,"# 67 Walla Walla, WA; Minnick Hills Vineyard, Cabernet Sauvignon; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.08741,118.2699586,"# 68 Walla Walla, WA; Walla Walla Airport, Community College Vineyard 577 E. Curtis Avee, Walla Walla, WA; 2 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(46.08741,118.2699586,"# 68 Walla Walla, WA; Walla Walla Airport, Community College Vineyard 577 E. Curtis Avee, Walla Walla, WA; 2 nymphs1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.30702,122.1947,"# 108 Auburn, WA; On a outdoors deck that has potted plant garden; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.077284,118.327086,"# 70 Walla Walla, WA; Samples photographed with 5 set aside and pinned; 2 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(46.077284,118.327086,"# 70 Walla Walla, WA; Samples photographed with 5 set aside and pinned; 2 nymphs122 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4346173,120.286837,"# 73 East Wenatchee, WA; Found this one dead on a hydrangea bush at his house in East Wenatchee near the golf course; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6739881,122.121512,"# 74 Redmond, WA; I had my window open this afternoon and heard a buzzing which I thought was a bumblebee from the sound. I caught the creature very easily. Hope I'm wrong but it looks like a brown marmorated stink bug. I still have it, it is dead.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4201,120.2655,"# 69 East Wenatchee, WA; House, on window screen; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.10853,122.877363,"# 86 Kelso, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.18075,122.550714,"# 88 Lakewood, WA; ; 1 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(47.429,120.2724,"# 84 E. Wenatchee, WA; Residence, screen door; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.616918,122.193746,"# 91 Washougal, WA; Small commercial grape vineyard.; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.611549,122.118162,"# 93 Prindle, WA; Heavily forested southern facing slope in the Gorge.; 30 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.70077,121.894599,"# 94 Stevenson, WA; Residential area on holly.; 4 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(45.70077,121.894599,"# 94 Stevenson, WA; Residential area on holly.; 4 nymphs2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.694086,121.883441,"# 95 Stevenson, WA; Residential on Holly; 27 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(45.694086,121.883441,"# 95 Stevenson, WA; Residential on Holly; 27 nymphs13 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.727014,121.484976,"# 97 White Salmon, WA; Residential; 30 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.730691,121.485084,"# 96 White Salmon, WA; Residential garden. Feeding on aronia berry, currants and gooseberry.; 3 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(45.629183,122.313744,"# 98 Washougal, WA; Southern exposure on steep hillside, forested; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4201,120.2655,"# 100 E. Wenatchee, WA; screen door on house; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.821759,120.825851,"# 101 Goldendale, WA; North wall of fire station, grey paint; 13 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.5962826,120.54353,"# 87 Yakima, WA; One adult on, not in, a pheromone trap near the intersection of Chestnut and 26th Street.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.596134,120.497614,"# 58 Yakima, WA; Collected dead during spring housecleaning.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.597678,120.536587,"# 54 Yakima, WA; Walking on the wooden floor of a hallway.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.5868,120.510417,"# 51 Yakima, WA; Collected nymph from hops and tried to rear out. Not successful.; 1 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(46.597388,120.540636,"# 28 Yakima, WA; Collected just outside back door not far from raspberry bush.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.064535,118.318048,"# 78 Walla Walla, WA; Collected on catalpa tree- 2 (including nymph); collected from dogwood (including 6 nymphs)- 18; collected on maple (1 nymph)- 3; crabapple- 4 adults; Butterfly bush- 6 (4 nymphs); anemone flower- one adult; Lynden tree- 2.; 12 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(46.064535,118.318048,"# 78 Walla Walla, WA; Collected on catalpa tree- 2 (including nymph); collected from dogwood (including 6 nymphs)- 18; collected on maple (1 nymph)- 3; crabapple- 4 adults; Butterfly bush- 6 (4 nymphs); anemone flower- one adult; Lynden tree- 2.; 12 nymphs24 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.0667303,118.31032,"# 77 Walla Walla, WA; Adults were all over the exterior of this house and of the neighbors home. Some BMSB seen inside home and entering air vents under eves. Two nymphs were found in a catalpa tree in the alleyway behind the homes.; 2 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(46.0667303,118.31032,"# 77 Walla Walla, WA; Adults were all over the exterior of this house and of the neighbors home. Some BMSB seen inside home and entering air vents under eves. Two nymphs were found in a catalpa tree in the alleyway behind the homes.; 2 nymphs54 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.0440508,118.316847,"# 76 Walla Walla, WA; These adults and nymphs were collected from three Norway maple trees on the Walla Walla High School Property. Empty BMSB egg masses found under these trees.; 53 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(46.0440508,118.316847,"# 76 Walla Walla, WA; These adults and nymphs were collected from three Norway maple trees on the Walla Walla High School Property. Empty BMSB egg masses found under these trees.; 53 nymphs58 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.001272,118.412969,"# 75 Walla Walla, WA; A lot of them were found in front porch facing Stateline Road.; 12 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.076377,118.323892,"# 71 Walla Walla, WA; This site is a few blocks away from Sample #70.; 37 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5687,122.6932,"# 208 Bremerton, WA; On deck; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.54969,122.299901,"# 30 Seattle, WA; Found in home.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.570655,122.222067,"# 29 Mercer Island, WA; I have them on my deck or windows every day. I’ve seen them clustered together in the walls of a house; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4346173,120.286837,"# 83 East Wenatchee, WA; Flew into a car port in East Wenatchee.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.2450018,119.273248,"# 61 Richland, WA; Collected from an indoor orchid kept in the kitchen.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.589993,120.538015,"# 105 Yakima, WA; These have all been captured on the south side of a residential home from October 17 to October 27th.; 10 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.30702,122.194669,"# 85 Auburn, WA; Found several stink bugs on a deck in Auburn. Client has blueberries, strawberries, raspberries in pots on deck, as well as tomato plants and salad greens. Photo of two specimens; only one was BMSB.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.597083,120.5875,"# 109 Yakima, WA; While running across town on Saturday morning, I came across an adult BMSB above a door on a house owned by USDA-ARS Entomologist Emeritus; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.587001,120.537872,"# 106 Yakima, WA; Beat from the branches of a Chinese elm tree in a residential home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.596762,120.546441,"# 107 Yakima, WA; Collected inside residence; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.319172,120.0361,"# 102 Sunnyside, WA; Adults and nymphs of BMSB collected on Tree of Heaven.; 4 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(46.319172,120.0361,"# 102 Sunnyside, WA; Adults and nymphs of BMSB collected on Tree of Heaven.; 4 nymphs6 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.58740495,120.544953,"# 99 Yakima, WA; Three were in the stink bug trap, and one was on the siding of the house spotted from my pickup (good eye!).; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.591678,120.538605,"# 89 Yakima, WA; One adult captured in a yucca tree and the other capture under an outdoor umbrella.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.963766,122.76938,"# 1 Kalama, WA; They are on the South side of my home on the cement-board siding.; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.0673,118.3282,"# 2 Walla Walla, WA; There are at least hundreds on the side of a house next to some “ornamental grapes” in a yard.; 100 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(46.631818,120.574124,"# 3 Selah, WA; On the outside of a house window; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.244585,119.274115,"# 10 Richland, WA; Door frame on south side of home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.597169,120.581533,"# 27 Yakima, WA; On home; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.60297,120.572387,"# 104 Yakima, WA; Inside home. Not sure how it got in home, but homeowner suspects that it had to be on cut dahlia flowers that she harvested earlier that day.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.589988,120.537817,"# 16 Yakima, WA; In garden tool storage shed.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.1967,119.1302,"# 13 Kennewick, WA; Found in cardboard box; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.63873,122.6615,"# 111 Vancouver, WA; Four pictures of one specimen posted on BugGuide website; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.638728,122.6615,"# 112 Vancouver, WA; On the side of a building.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6387281,122.661486,"# 57 Vancouver, WA; Specimen pinned at the WSU /Yakima County Extensionoffice; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.589988,120.5376,"# 110 Yakima, WA; Three dead BMSB found just outside door entrance on north side of home. Add one more to count captured 11/3/2015 in pool room.; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.045612,118.373353,"# 103 College Place, WA; Found it while painting a house.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.3237,120.0087,"# 18 Sunnyside, WA; on Ailanthus; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.6021,120.5059,"# 19 Yakima, WA; pheromone trap; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.6021,120.5059,"# 20 Yakima, WA; pheromone trap; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.3237,120.0087,"# 21 Sunnyside, WA; on Ailanthus; 1 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(46.3237,120.0087,"# 21 Sunnyside, WA; on Ailanthus; 1 nymphs1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.59676,120.5464,"# 113 Yakima, WA; Alive and well inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.3237,120.0087,"# 5 Sunnyside, WA; In backyard; not on plant.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.7512,122.1817,"# 7 Bothell, WA; Inside apartment, urban area.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2032,122.2404,"# 8 Sumner, WA; No collection information provided; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.602912,120.572449,"# 9 Yakima, WA; On side panel of warm car.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.591678,120.538605,"# 11 Yakima, WA; Found in firewood in basement; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5217,122.3273,"# 12 Seattle, WA; Bin of grapes from Mattawa; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.3237,120.0087,"# 17 Sunnyside, WA; on house; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5956596,120.660934,"# 22 Leavenworth, WA; Found in the cold, wet evening after Cherry Research Review on an outside wall at a downtown business.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5994,120.6575,"# 114 Leavenworth, WA; Found inside a residence on a wall near a back door; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5206,120.4625,"# 115 Cashmere, WA; Found in the hallway on the second floor of a domestic dwelling.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4211,120.3141,"# 116 Wenatchee, WA; Found dead inside a domestic property.; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.563279,122.283406,"# 117 Seattle, WA; Collected in Columbia City Seattle; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6693,122.6849,"# 118 Vancouver, WA; Collected on a red leaf maple on Bernie Dr.; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.633226,122.604914,"# 119 Vancouver, WA; Collected on an alder buckthorn on the Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway Trail near NE 65th Ave. and NW 18th St.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.652797,122.598606,"# 120 Vancouver, WA; Collected 1 adult on a vine maple and 3 adults on an American Basswood.; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.673868,122.651866,"# 121 Vancouver, WA; Collected both adults on a wild cherry tree at the 78th St. WSU Heritage Farm behind the hazelnut tree grove.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.647629,122.690116,"# 122 Vancouver, WA; Collected adults on english holly at W 36th St. and Thompson Ave.; 25 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.632883,122.666931,"# 123 Vancouver, WA; Collected on english holly at an undeveloped commercial property located at E St. and E 16th St. There were many unkept english holly bushes found throughout the property.; 15 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.599306,120.490589,"# 164 Yakima, WA; Inside home on basement window; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.632939,122.611995,"# 124 Vancouver, WA; Collected on Alder Buckthorn, Oregon Grape, Hawthorn and Hazelnut at the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail on N. Devine Rd.; 13 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.633202,122.666997,"# 125 Vancouver, WA; Collected five adult BMSBs on English Holly on the conner of E St. and E 16th St. at an undeveloped commercial property.; 5 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.633202,122.666997,"# 126 Vancouver, WA; Collected 1 adult BMSB on English Holly on the conner of E St. and E 16th St. at an undeveloped commercial property; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.633226,122.667012,"# 127 Vancouver, WA; Collected five adult BMSBs on English Holly on the conner of E St. and E 16th St. at an undeveloped commercial property.; 5 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.633917,122.604928,"# 128 Vancouver, WA; Collected on Alder Buckthorn, Oregon Grape and Hawthorn at the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail on NE 65th Ave and NE 18th St.; 11 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.632746,122.60604,"# 129 Vancouver, WA; Collected on Alder Buckthorn, Oregon Grape, Wild Rose, Hawthorn at the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail on NE 65th Ave. and NE 18th St.; 23 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.651836,122.597875,"# 130 Vancouver, WA; Collected on a 2 Adult BMSB on a Carpinus sp. and 5 BMSBs on a few Maples located on NE 41st St.; 7 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.651836,122.597875,"# 131 Vancouver, WA; Collected 5 BMSB adults on Vine Maple and 2 found on a Carpinus sp. that was next to the Church of Truth.; 7 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.629823,122.596061,"# 132 Vancouver, WA; Collected at the Burnt Bridge Creek Park near N. Devine Rd.; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.629833,122.596082,"# 133 Vancouver, WA; Found at the David Douglas Park on N. Garrison Rd.; 13 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6259,122.6164,"# 135 Vancouver, WA; Collected near urban community off of MacArthur Blvd. across the street is the Tower Mall.; 50 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.630988,122.599019,"# 136 Vancouver, WA; Found 16 adults feeding on large leaf maple at the David Douglas Park on N. Garrison Rd. Also found a 1 adult on on the ground.; 17 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.626744,122.617415,"# 137 Vancouver, WA; Found feeding on english holly and large maple on Macarthur Blvd, near the Tower Mall.; 16 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.421,120.3163,"# 138 Wenatchee, WA; Found alive in yard resting on a plant container containing an apple tree.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.2129,119.77,"# 139 Prosser, WA; 2nd instar was found in a small unnamed park on Grant Ave. and 10th St.; 1 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(46.583312,120.544188,"# 165 Yakima, WA; Found on outside window screen; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(48.808305,122.684749,"# 140 Ferndale, WA; Found inside car that was relocated from Connecticut. Likely not a representative from an established breeding population.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.421,120.316,"# 144 Wenatchee, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4466,120.3441,"# 143 Wenatchee, WA; Found under lid of a garage external entry keypad.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.552677,122.332413,"# 145 Georgetown, WA; Georgetown residence, yard at 2nd ave S and Findlay; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.765333,122.150472,"# 146 Woodinville, WA; BMSB was confirmed at 10658 142nd Ave NE Woodinville Washington 98072; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.719883,122.302497,"# 147 Seattle, WA; Homeowner's backyard; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.441685,122.2341641,"# 148 Renton, WA; There have been quite a few of these fellows at my place of work in Renton, WA. Dreamworks Printing Solutions.; 6 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.266731,119.330408,"# 149 West Richland, WA; I have captured a live stink bug. Do you need it, or just a picture? Sent picture- Confirmed BMSB; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4642,120.3345,"# 150 Wenatchee, WA; Found in a car park at Olds Station; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4124,120.3015,"# 151 Wenatchee, WA; Found on a wall next to a building.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1563262,122.3086958,"# 152 Puyallup, WA; I saw this bug on my car when I was at the Costco in Puyallup.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.535134,122.052571,"# 153 Issaquah, WA; I just collected an adult Brown Marmorated Stink Bug at 965 Firwood Blvd, Issaquah. It has the smooth shoulders and white bands on its antennae. It was on a mint plant. It is still alive; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.2787,119.3532,"# 154 West Richland, WA; ; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.3037,119.4828,"# 155 Benton City, WA; back yard; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.580919,120.520872,"# 157 Yakima, WA; Outside home. Client suspects that they are coming off a red maple next to the home; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.597385,120.540715,"# 159 Yakima, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.5869095,120.4726385,"# 160 Yakima, WA; Collected at the Yakima Area Arboretum; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.590962,120.535998,"# 161 Yakima, WA; Outside home; 1 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(46.590962,120.535998,"# 161 Yakima, WA; Outside home; 1 nymphs1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.599547,120.58306,"# 162 Yakima, WA; On windshield of parked car; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.591875,120.452842,"# 163 Yakima, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.5747969,120.525591,"# 166 Yakima, WA; Claims that they are causing damage in her home garden. Will try and follow up on this report; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.6077319,120.5335456,"# 167 Yakima, WA; Found in a car that recently returned from trip to Seattle, but not known if it came from Seattle or got into car at home residence; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.590229,120.587359,"# 168 Yakima, WA; Found inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.589393,120.544378,"# 169 Yakima, WA; Two where found outside home, but another one found inside home on freezer door.; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.607633,120.588417,"# 170 Yakima, WA; Outside of window; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.592219,120.53141,"# 171 Yakima, WA; Found inside home on furniture. Homeowner suspects that bugs are coming from catalpa tree in front yard.; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.595405,120.600126,"# 173 Yakima, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.615965,120.569111,"# 174 Yakima, WA; Found inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.601801,120.57215,"# 175 Yakima, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6387281,122.6614861,"# 176 Vancouver, WA; I have many of these critters around my home.; 6 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.7542651,122.1634582,"# 177 Woodinville, WA; At our house in Woodinville. Finding them all over; 6 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.815115,122.7426009,"# 178 Ridgeville, WA; We found this stink bug in our kitchen sink. Thinking it came in with the lettuce we were washing, but not sure.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.3308395,119.2635245,"# 179 West Richland, WA; For the past two years we've had trouble with these. They fly around and land on the side of the house, in the sun especially. We hate them; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1587926,122.1537872,"# 180 Bonnie Lake, WA; I have killed at least 50 of these exact ones. I knew they were bad but I didn't know they were being tracked. About half of the 50 were caught in my home. The other hald just climbing on my siding outside.; 52 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4942738,122.2081419,"# 181 Renton, WA; It was crawling across my front window.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.255528,119.223949,"# 182 Pasco, WA; First picture sent 10-20-16. Second picture depicted three adult BMSB of seven reported by client; 8 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.566389,121.895,"# 183 Fall City, WA; I was reading something about stink bugs in Washington and I just saw one crawling down our kitchen wall.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.597856,120.548619,"# 184 Yakima, WA; Sample was smashed, but banded antennae quite visible. Has seen these stink bugs for years.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.580969,120.521619,"# 185 Yakima, WA; One found on front door and the other on back porch.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.60297,120.572387,"# 156 Yakima, WA; Inside residence on ceiling in kitchen; 6 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.586933,120.546494,"# 187 Yakima, WA; ; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.601831,120.536091,"# 188 Yakima, WA; These bugs are on my house and trying to get in; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.292222,119.354444,"# 189 West Richland, WA; We have seen several at our home in northern West Richland; 6 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.3410986,119.3036548,"# 190 Richland, WA; I may have found one in my back yard in Richland.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.3138,120.0115,"# 191 Sunnyside, WA; Trees on collection site; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.2124,119.7698,"# 192 Prosser, WA; Found in a box at a yard sale at this location.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.1841,119.8484,"# 193 Prosser, WA; Two adults brought in but client says there are approximately 10-15 more on driveway. Trees present in area.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.1986,119.7701,"# 194 Prosser, WA; Found on west facing window of home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.429,120.272,"# 195 E.Wenatchee, WA; Inside owners property.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5966,120.6678,"# 196 Leavenworth, WA; Found on the side of a building on Center Street.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4229,120.3778,"# 197 Wenatchee, WA; Found on external wall of house.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3398,122.2465,"# 198 Auburn, WA; Found on desk at work.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.675,122.6514,"# 36 Vancouver, WA; WSU Clark County Extension.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6526,122.5989,"# 38 Vancouver, WA; NE 72nd Ave; 9 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5673202,122.6329356,"# 59 Bremerton, WA; Image and smashed 4th instar sample can be found at WSU Extension, Yakima Co.; 1 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(46.0645809,118.3430209,"# 65 Walla Walla, WA; The BMSB was found inside her car that was parked at the Walla Walla High School parking lot.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.770542,122.537157,"# 134 Battle Ground, WA; Collected on a wild Hazelnut tree on South Parkway Avenue near an urban community and a IQ Mini-Mart.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.596762,120.546441,"# 158 Yakima, WA; One of many outside her front door; 6 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.589393,120.544378,"# 172 Yakima, WA; On exterior of house; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.606858,120.538908,"# 186 Yakima, WA; ; 6 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.0726,118.3196,"# 199 Walla Walla, WA; We caught the nymph near our house and the adult a couple blocks away.; 1 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(46.0726,118.3196,"# 199 Walla Walla, WA; We caught the nymph near our house and the adult a couple blocks away.; 1 nymphs1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.6062,120.4398,"# 200 Terrace Heights, WA; Caught on porch off of front door; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0315,122.3006,"# 201 Graham, WA; Crawling across my floor in the kitchen; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.717,122.3009,"# 202 North Seattle, WA; Image on file at WSU Extension Yakima; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.592,120.5828,"# 203 Yakima, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6276,122.3333,"# 204 Washougal, WA; Growers have 5 acres of fruit trees, vegetables, berries, grapes and bushes. Need help controlling these pests. Want a spray program; 77 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.5887,122.4121,"# 205 Morton, WA; The main grower fir the nursery said that she found the first couple of specimens in pots that were recently purchased (within the last couple of weeks) from an Oregon supplier. The other two, one of which was found already dead, were found in the nursery area and a couple got away before she could catch them. She checked the rest of the pots bug didn't find any more. There is no way to know for certain whether the bugs came in with the pots, or just happened to find their way there later.; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(48.4772,122.4081,"# 206 Burlington, WA; Found in the parking lot of the WSU Extension office. It looked like a BMSB to me so I snapped a picture of it with my cell phone. It promptly flew off.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.59,120.538,"# 207 Yakima, WA; One was found in the home on the floor of the bedroom. The other found on the outside door leading to the bedroom.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2658,122.2525,"# 209 Pacifc, WA; Found on the wall at the front of my house above the flower garden.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.3055,119.3479,"# 210 West Richland, WA; Single adult found in the garage carport area; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.5868,120.5104,"# 211 Yakima, WA; Captured in Green Beans. Image of green bean with stink bug damage was captured; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.59,120.538,"# 213 Yakima, WA; One BMSB adult captured outside on window along west side of home. One found dead inside near fireplace in bedroom. One found in spider web and another found under seat cushion of patio chair on East side of home.; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.59,120.5376,"# 212 Yakima, WA; Two found dead outside front door entrance to home; two found alive on outside wall of pool house. Nymph found on garden hose on north side of the house near arborvitae hedge.; 1 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(46.59,120.5376,"# 212 Yakima, WA; Two found dead outside front door entrance to home; two found alive on outside wall of pool house. Nymph found on garden hose on north side of the house near arborvitae hedge.; 1 nymphs4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4286,120.3324,"# 142 Wenatchee, WA; Found in homeowners home on 340 Pear Lane.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.7824,122.5538,"# 214 Battle Ground, WA; Found five adult BMSB feeding on a blackberry bush at the end of a back alley street next to some urban development.; 5 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5129,120.4792,"# 215 Cashmere, WA; Cashmere High School.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.595,120.5528,"# 216 Yakima, WA; Dwelling; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4417,122.2342,"# 217 Renton, WA; Office building.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.5969,120.5337,"# 218 Yakima, WA; Captured in our bedroom; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.6108,120.5616,"# 219 Yakima, WA; Found on the front porch of mobile home. Client had brought is tomato (black cherry tomatoes) with confirmed stink bug damage to Yakima Master Gardener Clinic earlier in the season.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.5966,120.5482,"# 220 Yakima, WA; Captured outside residence near foundation; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6588,117.426,"# 221 Spokane, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.679,122.3165,"# 222 Seattle, WA; Found inside my home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6368,122.1306,"# 223 Redmond, WA; Found inside my office at Microsoft; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6908,115.6421,"

# 224 Yakima, WA; One BMSB egg mass (empty of nymphs) found on Ficus houseplant in bathroom. No parasitism noted.; 1 unknown

","nought32"); dropPoint(46.585,120.4802,"# 225 Yakima, WA; ; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6454,122.3573,"# 226 Seattle, WA; Captured in house. Suspected that they got in house when outdoor plants brought indoors to better survive the winter. Client also has a Mandevilla laxa on trellis near window in room where stink bugs found.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.1982,119.0885,"# 227 Kennewick, WA; Found in my home in SE Kennewick; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0932,122.8059,"# 228 Olympia, WA; Found outside sliding patio door; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.6062383,120.4397854,"# 229 Terrace Heights, WA; Exterior wall of home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.2857,119.2845,"# 230 Richland, WA; Collected at my residence; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.0646,118.343,"# 231 Walla Walla, WA; ; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.2166,119.2187,"# 232 Kennewick, WA; I found several others as well, but here's what I got pictures of.; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.5874,120.4723,"# 233 Yakima, WA; Found on the Arboretum caretaker's house; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6891,122.1691,"# 234 Kirkland, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.1974,119.7735,"# 235 Prosser, WA; Outside our front door; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6436,117.403,"# 236 Spokane, WA; Another stink bug trying to make a home with us for the winter.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.5957,120.5321,"# 237 Yakima, WA; Found on home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.5926,120.5363,"# 238 Yakima, WA; Collected a single adult BMSB on my exterior house wall in Yakima.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6101,122.2015,"# 239 Bellevue, WA; This probable brown marmorated stink bug was found on my house on 11/7/16.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.209,119.1714,"# 240 Kennewick, WA; Reports that I have seen them around the community just recently- they appear to be waiting outside doors and windows for a chance to get in.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.6077,120.5336,"# 241 Yakima, WA; Two live and two dead BMSB found in an auto body workshop. In the past couple weeks, he has serviced cars from Seattle.; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1892,122.3298,"# 242 Puyallup, WA; Found on Kalkus Hall on WSU Puyallup REC; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.5991,120.5815,"# 243 Yakima, WA; Inside home trapped between window and screen.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.0646,118.343,"# 244 Walla Walla, WA; This is the variety of stinkbug we have been inundated with the last couple years; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.5974,120.5407,"# 245 Yakima, WA; Found alive in pill bottle inside home. Suspected to have been collected outdoors late October.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3073,122.2285,"# 246 Auburn, WA; One captured on house deck; two captured inside home; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.567593,120.476788,"# 247 Union Gap, WA; Inside front entrance to the WSU Extension Office; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2414,122.1845,"# 248 Lake Tapps, WA; We found the guy pictured below in the corner of our kitchen ceiling last night. We have a backyard full of fruit trees. . .; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1854,122.2929,"# 249 Puyallup, WA; I just had one in our apartment in Puyallup, WA; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5301,122.0326,"# 250 Issaquah, WA; Collected inside my home in Issaquah, WA.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(-999,999,"

# 251 Home Valley, WA; Reported by home owner. No photo but highly probable BMSB.; Detected

","gray32"); dropPoint(47.1887,122.311,"# 252 Puyallup, WA; We have had 5 BMSB finds in Kalkus Hall in the past month but a colleague brought in one today from her home- about one mile down the road; 6 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.5991,120.52,"# 253 Yakima, WA; I collected one brown marmorated stink bug at Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church yesterday, January 8, 2017. The bug was attending the 9 AM Service so I assume this means they like Contemporary Christian music.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.3011,119.3462,"# 322 Tri-Cities, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.0554,118.3872,"# 254 Walla Walla, WA; This stink bug was inside my window today. Don't know if it is a BMSB. I can see the white bands on the antennae.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4203,120.322,"# 255 Wenatchee, WA; Inside property; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.457,120.3458,"# 256 Wenatchee, WA; Found inside of homeowners residence on window carton. Two overwintering females.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4286,120.3326,"# 258 Wenatchee, WA; Found in homeowners home on 340 Pear Lane crawling on the ceiling.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6846,120.8202,"# 260 Maryhill, WA; Five nymphs collected in a row of arborvitae bordering the Peach Beach RV Park next to a peach orchard on Columbus Rd.; 5 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(47.7574,122.1601,"# 261 Woodinville, WA, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.597,120.4352,"# 262 Terrace Heights, WA; Found inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.6029,120.5724,"# 263 Yakima, WA; All found inside household; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.8255,122.6007,"# 274 Battle Ground, WA; Tomorrow a box will be sent best way at the USPS with small box inside with 5 or 6 dead Stinkers and a second with one that is ALIVE! My desire to rebel is still there! All came out of our house here. Don’t know how long you will want collection from here but I will continue to collect and send periodically; 5 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.1977,119.7757,"# 323 Prosser, WA; ; 7 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.5877,120.5419,"# 264 Yakima, WA; I ran across the WSU website with your contact info while searching for a particular type of insect that has been found around my home in the last 6 months or so. I attached a few pictures and I think it is this pesky stink bug that is new to our area. I really noticed them towards the end of summer and always trying to come into my house whenever the back door was open. Ofcourse during winter they have disappeared for the most part, but I have seen 3 or 4 inside my house.; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.5974,120.5352,"# 265 Yakima, WA; Found inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3073228,122.2284532,"# 266 Auburn, WA; I remember seeing an article about stink bugs last year. I have found a few in my home in auburn, wa.; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6777706,122.1778678,"# 267 Kirkland, WA; and I live in Kirkland, Washington. For approximately the last 16 months, we have been finding stink bugs in our home. I first began noticing a problem around October, 2015. At first, I didn't pay too much attention to them, thinking it was a fluke and they were just coming in from the outside because the weather had turned cold. But the problem continues and now after doing a little research, I fear we may have bigger issues to deal with.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3809335,122.2348431,"# 268 Kent, WA; Some one sent me the post on the WSU news on stink bugs. So I decided to send you a photo. This bug is my office located in Kent WA.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3303,122.1559,"# 269 Auburn, WA; Found this in our house (saw a few, only caught 1), read you might be interested as it appears to be a marmorated stink bug.; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3293,122.5801,"# 270 Gig Harbor, WA; This was in my house; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2067,122.5324,"# 271 University Place, WA; ; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.8554,121.971,"# 272 Monroe, WA; I just finished reading the article requesting pictures of Stink Bugs to help with tracking. I found two of these in our home in Monroe, yesterday.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.674,122.1215,"# 273 Redmond, WA; Saw your article from October online when doing research just now about this bug we have been seeing in our house recently in Redmond, WA. Article said you wanted to know whereabouts to here you go. Photo taken right before I killed it this evening with another dead one found in the windowsill thereafter.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0073,122.9093,"# 275 Tumwater, WA; live in Tumwater WA and have found several of these insects in my house and in the yard.; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1581386,122.2958604,"# 276 Puyallup, WA; Noticed the stink bug crawling inside my car just a couple miles south of South Hill Mall on Meridian.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.6,120.5382,"# 277 Yakima, WA; Found several trapped within a double-paned window; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4829,122.2171,"# 278 Renton, WA; I found this little bugger crawling around my parents home in the Renton Highlands area of King County. After doing some research and initially believing it to be a cockroach, it appears to be a Stink bug. As requested here is a photograph of the deceased; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(-999,999,"# 280 Duvall, WA; In and around a residential property.; 12 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.404527,120.313608,"# 281 Wenatchee, WA; Found on backyard Catalpa tree.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4251,120.341,"# 283 Wenatchee, WA; Domestic dwelling; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4251,120.341,"# 282 Wenatchee, WA; Domestic dwelling; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(-999,999,"# 284 Malaga, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0529,122.2943,"# 285 Graham, WA; Outside home. Homeowner indicated that she started noticing them last year and when they returned this year, I though I might have a problem.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.8644,122.3068,"# 286 Edmonds, WA; Found in a car; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3337,122.1882,"# 287 Auburn, WA; We have seen a ton of them at our house, Our house is backed up to a greenbelt, so they must be in there; 12 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.2112,119.1372,"# 288 Kennewick, WA; Outside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0414,122.9372,"# 289 Olympia, WA; I saw this at capital mall in west olympia by the total wine entrance.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3771,122.8362,"# 290 Allyn, WA; In home. They have been quite invasive in our home the past three winters. They are coming back now.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5787,122.18,"# 291 Bellevue, WA; Hi! I was trying to figure out what these bugs were that infested my apt when I came home (I left the patio door open for the dog and the heat). They were in my window blinds and living room. I think I removed about 10 and was creeped out at how many there were. I came across your article and just wanted to let you know for your study.; 10 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0103,122.8913,"# 292 Tumwater, WA; The post I read was a year ago so I don't know if you're still tracking the suckers. I found the article while I was trying to identify. Not the best picture but I have found three in my house in the last few days.; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6211,122.3858,"# 293 Camas, WA; Been living here for 3 years, wee get a very large onslaught of them every year about this time. Then for the rest of the winter they are observed sporadically indoors.; 12 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.7291,121.4882,"# 294 White Salmon, WA; Found inside building. No picture but antennae were said to be banded. Listed as credible source; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5480339,121.9836029,"# 295 Unknown, WA; I recently found these bugs on a plant in my yard. Since they are so small how can I tell if they are the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug?; 13 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(46.6008,120.5433,"# 296 Yakima, WA; Found on bean leaf. Thank you for responding to me with an answer to what these are. I have found many of the adults in my garden, first on my zucchini plants last month but now everywhere. I have also found these on my house near doors usually in the morning.; 9 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(45.808,122.737,"# 297 Ridgefield, WA; I put a schlumbergera in a shady spot in my garden in order not to be bothered watering it indoors, but brought it in after a week because it seemed to be losing the shine on its leaves. The next morning one leaf segment had dropped off, the underside populated with beetles:; 25 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(47.6739881,122.121512,"# 298 Redmond, WA; No information provided; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.6055078,120.5832003,"# 299 Yakima, WA; Collected on outside wall; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.7575,122.16,"# 300 Woodinville, WA; We found another BMSB in our warehouse. Would you like us to send it to you or will these pictures suffice?; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5934,120.6619,"# 325 Leavenworth, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3911,122.2374,"# 356 Kent, WA; Found inside dwelling.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0245,122.9297,"# 301 Olympia, WA; I live in Olympia next to South Puget Sound community College. W e have these brown marmorated stink bugs in and around my home. I was wondering if you would like me to place a trap or some sort of collection device out?; 6 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.5924,122.4639,"# 302 Camas, WA; Their first invasion on our house occurred immediately following the Blood Moon event in September 2015. We smashed and vacuumed up hundreds a day for months. The exterior of our house was covered in bug juice. We’re not fastidious people, but we actually had to soap and hose off the exterior of our house that late fall/early winter because of all the gore. We didn’t see many in the Spring of 2016, but they came back in swarms in September 2016. Again, we had to smash/vacuum up hundreds a day for months. In 2016, I bought a shop vac, so there was less smashing and more vacuuming. This Spring, I was surprised to see several dozen in our garage and outside. But I think, that for the most part, the majority have gone off to feed and breed elsewhere. Am dreading their return this Fall.; 12 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2528768,122.4442906,"# 303 Tacoma, WA; I found one in a towel this morning and captured it.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6963,122.116,"# 304 Redmond, WA; I have been seeing these the past 6 months or so and they seem to be increasing in number. Should I hire an exterminator or are there traps that can be used?; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6295,122.3116,"# 305 Seattle, WA; I've been finding about 1-2 stink bugs per day in my house in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle for the past couple of weeks. It seems to me that they could be the brown marmorated species, as they have the smooth thorax and dark antennae with light bands. Attached is photo of one (it's a bit distorted, as I squashed it). I did a quick poll of my neighbors through our block email list, and lots of them are also finding stink bugs in their homes (not certain if they are all the same species). Finding them inside and outside home.; 11 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4234599,120.3103494,"# 306 Wenatchee, WA; BMS found inside house, Wenatchee; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3464,120.3271,"# 314 Wenatchee, WA; Spoke with you at the Wenatchee Farmers Market Sat Oct 28th. Went home and found my little friend. Attached is a picture.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6378,117.4139,"# 327 Spokane, WA; Manito Park; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6618,117.4187,"# 329 Spokane, WA; Riverfront Park; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.244585,119.274115,"# 307 Richland, WA; Returned on Monday from a month long trip. I found 3-4 stink bugs at the balcony level of my house - all on the north side - on Tuesday. All of which appeared to be BMSBs. I saw one “green” that I did not bother to collect. I have found 1-2 each day since. I have collected these and froze them. Upon examination I conclude i have 9 BMSBs and one “rough” (according to the BMSB info card). Do you want these? I am still monitoring and may end up with more. Interestingly, I have found none below the balcony level.; 10 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6536,122.6649,"# 308 Silverdale, WA; exterior of the house near an air conditioner 2. 893 Mahogany Lane NW Silverdale, WA (top of hill in Madrona Ridge Mobile Home Park) The daughter reported she's seen them in the last year; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4828776,122.2170661,"# 309 Renton, WA; I work in Renton, WA and have noticed a ton of stink bugs at my work place. We’ve been killing them every time we see them but it appears they multiply like crazy. Now that it’s colder we have seen a lot more inside. I remember reading an article about it and decided to send you a picture to see if that’s the invasive stink bug you guys are looking for. Please let me know if hats will an issue or if we can just keep killing them and hope they go away.; 12 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.5606,120.5277,"# 310 Union Gap, WA; Captured as it crossed the threshold of an opening door at the WSU-Yakima County Extension office.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0385,122.9027,"# 311 Olympia, WA; I wasn’t sure if you are still interested in this but this stink bug was crawling outside my office window today at about 4:10 p.m.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.472,122.096,"# 313 Renton, WA; We have been seeing a lot of stink bugs in and around our home. At least 20. They appear to be the marmorated stink bug. We have lived here for better than 20 years and never saw this before.; 20 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0378741,122.9006951,"# 315 Olympia, WA; I live in olympia. All of a sudden these have come into my apartment the last week. I've seen 10 tonight. After serving peace corps honduras I thought they were fiddlebugs. This one just landed in me while lying in bed.; 10 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6445386,122.6948697,"# 316 Silverdale, WA; I'm writing to report that I (more precisely our cat) spotted a BMSB in our house today.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4828776,122.2170661,"# 317 Renton, WA; I saw that the local news agencies advised us to contact our local WSU Extension regarding stink-bug sightings. I've seen about a dozen in and around my home over the past few months. The cats were just now chasing one of them in our bedroom. Please advise regarding whether your interest level in such an event warrants notice.; 12 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4285,120.3368,"# 319 Wenatchee, WA; ; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4408,120.3357,"# 318 Wenatchee, WA; Dwelling; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.17,122.18,"

# 320 Bonny Lake, WA; Many specimens entering house.; Detected

","gray32"); dropPoint(47.1044,119.3047,"# 321 Moses Lake, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.742,117.1796,"# 331 Pullman, WA; Found in kitchen; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6398,122.2945,"# 332 Seattle, WA; Washington Park Arboretum; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6754,122.2631,"# 333 Seattle, WA; Near the WA Park Arboretum; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.9482,122.6895,"# 334 Woodland, WA; None; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3809,122.2348,"# 335 Kent, WA; None provided; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.7308,117.1722,"# 336 Pullman, WA; ; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4045,120.3137,"# 324 Wenatchee, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6397,117.4095,"# 326 Spokane, WA; Manito Park; 19 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6369,117.4095,"# 328 Spokane, WA; Manito Park; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6619,117.4164,"# 330 Spokane, WA; Riverfront Park; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4571,120.3459,"# 337 Wenatchee, WA; Found adult male on the underside of a wood fence near a urban home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0343,122.8232,"# 338 Lacey, WA; Hi! I went outside today and there was about 15 of these stink bugs on the side of my house. I posted it on my facebook and was told by a friend that your team would like it reported. We are spraying them with soapy water. I have never seen so many at once and so suddenly.; 15 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0529,122.2943,"# 339 Graham, WA; No message; just two images of adults on two separate days in December.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0073,122.9093,"# 340 Tumwater, WA; Just forwarding a picture of another stink bug found in Tumwater. This one found my sink, disturbingly enough. Not sure if you need more pictures, or if one sighting is enough. But this is the fourth I've found (including a dead one behind a picture frame) since the fall.; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.108,122.3114,"# 341 Puyallup, WA; I found a Stink Bug in my house and was going to put it outside. I looked up stink bugs in Washington online before I did and found the WSU information about the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. I inspected the bug and saw the white bands on the antennae and other identifying markings, so I sent the attached photo to help with your tracking project. We live in Puyallup, WA 98375. Let me know if I can provide any further information.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5629,121.8951,"# 342 Fall City, WA; I am not sure who to send this information to at the extension office. I researched these on line after they keep showing up in my home. I caught this one and photographed it yesterday. Your site said to please notify the extension of any sightings in Washington State but not who to contact.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0073,122.9093,"# 343 Tumwater, WA; I live in Tumwater and have had 1/2 dozen stink bugs in the last 6-7 months. Found this one today in my family room.; 6 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6087,122.3291,"

# 344 Seattle, WA; While trying to identify an insect my cat cornered in my apartment I came upon your wanted ad. I believe the specimen I have is a stink bug. Would you like me to mail it? I was unsure because the post says it is due to expire 12/2016. Attached are photos of the suspect in custody.; Detected

","gray32"); dropPoint(47.0073,122.9093,"# 345 Tumwater, WA; My home keeps getting the darn stink bugs- we find at minimum of one per day in our kitchen! I have one in a container right now and several different pictures of them. What do I do??; 6 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3667,122.1976,"# 355 Kent, WA; Are you still looking for live or dead sample of invasive stink bugs.The second pick is blurry, but you should be able to zoom in on the little guy on the first photo. Hope the photo works.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6393,122.1284,"# 346 Redmond, WA; I don’t know if you’re still tracking these, or if these are the bugs you are tracking, but please see my photo below. We live in Redmond. Tosh Creek runs through the ravine next to our home. We have had 1-5 of these bugs in our home every night for the last several weeks. They also covered one side of our house in, I believe, late August, early September.; 12 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6563,122.2818,"# 347 Seattle, WA; Southeast Early Detection Network Record # 5217079; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0073,122.9093,"# 348 Tumwater, WA; This was in my house last night. We have these in our house, on our house, outside our house, they have been everywhere. Is this the stink bug that is non-native? I've never seen so many bugs in my house as I do these. I'd love to know best way to keep under control no matter what they are.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0379,122.9007,"# 349 Olympia, WA; , I was reading the article about the stink bug and how they are increasing in population. I have been seeing these bugs around my house recently, and today I found one in my bathroom. I am from Olympia Washington, and live near a wooded area, but tend to see these near my house! Here is a picture of the one that I found in my bathroom. Hope this helps in your research, I too am interested in their random increase in population!; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.8554,121.971,"# 350 Monroe, WA; We have found 4 in our house over the past week. See picture below. Just now looked them up and found your contact. What do we do?; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.629,122.3215,"# 351 Seattle, WA; I have a resident stink bug in my bathroom right now. Several people on iNaturalist ID'ed it as a BSMB, so I'm passing along the picture in case you aren't already following Pentatomids on iNaturalist:; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3809,122.2348,"# 352 Kent, WA; Killed a brown marmorated stink bug. Hey Michael, hope all is well here is a picture of one we found they are usually in our bathroom upstairs. We live in Kent.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0073,122.9093,"# 353 Tumwater, WA; I just spoke to a nice woman at this phone number - 509 574 1600 - to report a stink bug reporting. Here is a not so great picture of it. We think it is very likely the invasive type as it has white stripes on its antennae.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5301,122.0326,"# 357 Issaquah, WA; I understand from an article on WSU News website that you are tracking Marmorated Stink Bugs in WA. I noticed some in the fall as I did last year but this winter is different. In the last 2 months I have caught 5 in my 1200ft condo. Below is a photo of one I caught today. If you are interested in specimens I would be willing to send you any I come across in the future. If the article is outdated and you are no longer tracking this pest no need to write back.; 5 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4018,122.3243,"# 358 Des Moines, WA; I seem to be experiencing an onslaught of what appears to be stink bugs. I read your article on them; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6769,122.206,"# 359 Kirkland, WA; Many adults entering a domestic dwelling; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.181,122.2136,"# 360 Sumner, WA; I read an article on the subject bug (dated October 18, 2016) and that you were collecting information. Granted, it’s been over a year since the article first came out, but just in case you are still collecting information, I wanted to pass this on because these bugs are everywhere on my property (and in my home) in Sumner (Pierce County). I took this picture just this evening, while it was on my lamp shade! Blech!; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0073,122.9093,"# 361 Tumwater, WA; We just found this bug in our camper. We have been finding these occasionally in our house since September 2017.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5301,122.0326,"# 362 Issaquah, WA; I found a news article where you are referenced and asking for any reports of stink bugs. I've attached a photo of the bugs that we are finding in our home. We have found around 20 of these in our house over the past few weeks. Hope this helps in your research.; 20 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0358,122.9047,"# 363 Olympia, WA; I was told I should let you know about a stink bug if I find one, so here’s my photo. It shows the white bands on the antennae which differentiate the species from other stink bugs. It was at my place of work, on the Capitol campus in Olympia, WA. Let me know if I can be of more help. :); 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.2446,119.2741,"# 364 Richland, WA; Add one more to the tally for the year. I found a BMSB inside the house last week. I was bringing in my outdoor lights and I expect he hitched a ride. A surprise considering how cold we have gotten.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1715,122.4109,"# 365 Tacoma, WA; One of these bugs was found in my home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2297,122.4219,"# 366 Tacoma, WA; The other was found in my daughter's home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4571,120.3456,"# 371 Wenatchee, WA; Overwintering adult female found on kitchen countertop, found behind the microwave dead.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.1978,119.7755,"# 370 Prosser, WA; All BMSB individuals were collected by hand from a catalpa tree in homeowner's backyard. They were walking up and down the trunk of the catalpa during the day.; 13 nymphs","yellow32"); dropPoint(46.1978,119.7755,"# 370 Prosser, WA; All BMSB individuals were collected by hand from a catalpa tree in homeowner's backyard. They were walking up and down the trunk of the catalpa during the day.; 13 nymphs5 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0909,122.8445,"# 372 Olympia, WA; Found in house; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4225,120.3234,"

# 373 Wenatchee, WA; ; Detected

","gray32"); dropPoint(47.8553772,121.970958,"# 367 Monroe, WA; Inside house; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0529,122.2943,"# 374 Graham, WA; These were found in our home in Graham, WA in January 2018.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0343,122.8232,"# 375 Lacey, WA; This guy is crawling on my house today in SE Lacey, WA. I noticed them over a year ago. Happy hunting!; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2482,122.3129,"# 376 Milton, WA; I read an article that you were doing research on the increase of stink bugs in PNW and needed data such as photos and location. I have lived in Milton, Wa for four years, and these just showed up last year. Towards the end of fall, there were tons trying to get into our house. We didn't see any in the winter months, but have seen 3 in the last couple weeks.; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0379,122.9007,"# 377 Olympia, WA; Greetings: Attached is a photograph of a Stink bug found in upstairs room, Olympia WA on Monday 2018-03-19. I believe it may be a brown marmorated stink bug, which you are tracking. Please let me know if you need any additional information. Thanks for your work!; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.7094,122.2177,"# 378 Kirkland, WA; Hello, my friend posted on Facebook the article from the News Tribune requesting reports of stink bugs. I had already seen 2 a few weeks ago before the article was posted. Now I saw one today, here is its picture. If it’s necessary for further research I could mail the next one but there is the “ick” factor for us non-bug people, let me know if you need the actual bug if I find bug number 4.; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1039,122.7839,"# 379 Olympia, WA; I found 3 in our house and 3 outside this last weekend...7137 Highlands Dr. NE Olympia WA 98516... the outside ones were hiding in a large deck umbrella; 6 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2588,122.4986,"# 380 Tacoma, WA; Hello I found the stinkbug in my laundry room today near the backyard. Would you like me to put it into a pillbox and send it to you?; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.674,122.1215,"# 381 Redmond, WA; Hi - I read the article, Berry-sized bugs have caused millions in damages in Mid-Atlantic states. Now they’re here We have never had stink bugs before until last summer when we saw them for the first time and they haven't stopped showing up. We find them outside in our shed and play house, and inside the house too. Picture is blurry, bug was moving.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3158,122.2072,"# 382 Auburn, WA; There was something in the news yesterday that WSU wanted to know if you have seen stink bugs. I guess they want to know where they're being found. I happen to have some where I live in Auburn Washington at Rivergreen Estate Apartments. If you need to contact me please contact me. I texted you a day or 2 ago about having stink bugs at the Rivergreen Estate Apartments in Auburn Washington. I was able to get a picture of one tonight so am forwarding it on to you.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.761,122.2056,"# 383 Bothell, WA; My daughter and I found this stinkbug in our kitchen. We live in Bothell Washington 98011. We have seen at least 10 of them in the last year.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0073,122.9093,"# 384 Tumwater, WA; Saw the article in the Olympian and just found what I believe is a stink bug in our house last night. We live just south of Tumwater.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0073187,122.9093063,"# 312 Tumwater, WA; We have been finding these stink bugs all over the back of our house and even one inside, and when trying to identify them we saw on your website that you want to know.; 6 adults","green32"); dropPoint(48.836,122.4576,"# 393 North Bellingham, WA; Saw this guy right after reading the story in the Bellingham Herald. Not sure it is the right bug. Found at 5380 Wood Crest in North Bellingham.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2357,122.5504,"# 394 University Place, WA; Hi, I saw in the news WSU wants to track these. Enjoy!; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1448,122.9472,"# 417 Olympia, WA; On indoor plant in laundry room.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.259,122.3457,"# 385 Fife Heights, WA; Good evening- I read an article in the News Tribune a couple of days ago. I have had a steady population of stink bugs for about a year. I have a quarterly pest control service spray but these little guys aren’t affected. If I leave the door open for a few minutes, I get at least one in the house. I live in Fife Heights, just west of I-5. I’m surrounded by blackberry bushes. Please let me know if you have any questions. Good luck with your research.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.7298,122.1493,"# 386 Woodinville, WA; Hi Michael and Elizabeth, I initially saw this story on the TV news about a week ago and I said to my wife “Hey those are the bugs we get around here in the spring”. These Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs have been showing up at our house here in Woodinville, WA during this time of year for at least the past 5 years or so. Our home is located close the Chateau St. Michelle and Columbia Wineries here in Woodinville. Please see attached photo taken 03/21/2018. Please let me know if there is any further information I can provide. Thanks for your work.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0379,122.9007,"# 387 Olympia, WA; I live in Olympia, WA. This bug was found in my house today. I see these about once a month, usually only one at a time too. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen more than one, each time too. I saw an article in the local news about the work WSU is doing regarding these insects. Hope this helps, Greg; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1245,122.9296,"# 388 Olympia, WA; We discovered this bug inside a plastic box of cherry tomatoes bought at a local store. We found it when we took the tomatoes out of the refrigerator to use some. The container had already been opened, then kept in the refrigerator. Can’t say for sure that the bug wasn’t already in the box when we bought it.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.9979,122.8477,"# 389 Olympia, WA; I've been noticing these bugs intermittently since November; I've never seen them here before. It wasn't until I was telling my husband about one in the bathroom the other day that he told me about the story in the Olympian. Another one was on the bathroom floor today. I live in Thurston County, Yelm highway and Wiggins just a block or so from Spooner's berry fields!; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1854,122.2929,"# 390 Puyallup, WA; No text, just image; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1384,122.901,"# 391 Boston Harbor, WA; Good morning, this little guy was found this morning at my house in the Boston Harbor area of Olympia WA.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6101,122.2015,"# 392 Bellevue, WA; Hello Michael, I’m attaching a picture of a bug we found in our home in Bellevue Washington. In the past few weeks we’ve seen 4-5 of these little guys in our home. We can’t recall seeing them inside anytime in the past. I posted on FB to figure out what it was and several people pointed me to an article suggesting I send you a picture. The attached picture isn’t very good but hopefully it’s good enough.; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1632,122.0268,"# 395 Buckley, WA; Hi While researching how to get rid of stink bugs I ran across the article in the News Tribune asking homeowner to send in a picture of the bug to you. We have only just begun seeing them in the house this winter. Usually about one every other day. We live in Buckley, WA. Not sure what else you need.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3661,122.1123,"# 396 Kent, WA; Zip 98042; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2452,122.4531,"# 397 Hilltop Neighborhood, Tacoma, WA; Captured this guy and took some pictures for you after seeing a posting Facebook. I’ve been seeing these here, near the Hilltop neighborhood in Tacoma, for probably 4 or 5 years.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6036,122.3355,"# 398 Seattle, WA; Hello, Read the article in the News Tribune re: stink bugs. My house has had a problem with them for the last year!; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0065,122.8216,"# 399 Lacey, WA; Hello, I found this insect In Lacey Washington, Thurston county, near 45th and College Streets; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0341,122.9026,"# 400 Olympia, WA; I live a block from the Capitol building in Olympia. I released about 5 of these from my house this past winter. Just found this one in my bathroom. Do you need notification if I find more? Sounds like it is best not to release them alive.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3667,122.2783,"# 401 Kent, WA; Good afternoon! Saw your article the other day and finally figured out what these odd looking bugs were we’d been finding around our new house since we moved in. Probably have found 8-10 of them over the last month or so. This is the first one I’ve seen since I saw your article. It was outside the house on a window. We live at 4416 S 262nd St Kent, WA 98032. Go Cougs!; 8 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.8554,121.971,"# 402 Monroe, WA; Stink bug in my house in Monroe, WA; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0085,122.9331,"# 403 Tumwater, WA; I first noticed the bugs around my home at 2306 44th Lane SW Tumwater, WA mid summer last year. I would say I have had a dozen or so inside the house throughout this winter. I caught this bug yesterday 3-23-2018.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.674,122.1215,"# 410 Redmond, WA; Hello, I saw a recent FB requesting we send information about stink bug citing. We have had many in our home, but I didn’t realize what they were. I can say that they absolutely freak my kids out! I’m attaching a photo of this evenings find. We live in Redmond 98053. Thanks,; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3464,122.1806,"# 416 Auburn, WA; Found inside house. Poor digital image. Client sent specimen through USPS. Confirmed as BMSB from specimen not image.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3809,122.2348,"# 404 Kent, WA; Hi, I heard on the news a while ago that you are interested in knowing if anyone in Washington state has been visited by a stinkbug, I didn’t take a picture for you but know that it is for sure a stinkbug has been visiting my home. I’ve been periodically finding them inside my house in the living room and kitchen. So far I’ve killed 3 or 4 since last fall. Tonite I killed one more. I live on 5 acres in the city of Kent near the city of Covington, King County Washington. Let me know if you’d like any more information. Happy to help! Greetings! I was visited by another bug today and attached a few photos for you.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3899,122.2824,"# 405 Kent, WA; Found this at 23625 41st Ave S in Kent BWAHAHAHAHA! I was really hoping I wasn't just sending an unsolicited stink pic to you guys! My husband was amused I was sending photos of our pests to our alma mater.... Just for add'l info, we have seen them in our yard and on the warmer side of the house, and several inside the house, since about Jan. I'll start paying attention and collecting them.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3784,122.2231,"# 406 Kent, WA; Here’s one in Kent. I also have one in the fridge from 905 E Guiberson St. Kent 98030 (East of downtown Kent); 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2529,122.4443,"# 407 Tacoma, WA; Hi there. I saw the article in The New Tribune regarding reporting these stink bugs. I know for sure that what I've seen matches the description and photos included in the ad. I live in Tacoma's North End and I've seen one or two of these each Winter/Spring until this year. This year I've seen 5-10 of them. I will start removing them instead of saving them and putting them outdoors. Please let me know if I can help you further. Thanks Michael. I've attached a pic of one I saw last night.; 8 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.7543,122.1635,"# 408 Woodinville, WA; We get several of these a week, 5 . We either destroy them of put them outside. What is the best thing to do? If they're destroying our crops, it makes me think destroying them is best. Please advise.; 5 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0379,122.9007,"# 409 Olympia, WA; Hi Michael, Saw an article in the Olympian about the Stink Bugs. Attached are a couple of bugs that I caught in my garage last week. Are these the same species? I've seen these bugs every year since 2016 (three years now). I live in South East Olympia. Should I just swash them?; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2393,122.3571,"# 411 Fife, WA; Hi, I found 2 of these bugs in my house. I live in Fife.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1650986,122.0153704,"# 412 Buckley, WA; I read the artlcle in this morning’s Tacoma News Tribune about the stink bugs. I had an appointment so I had to run out, but when I came home around 3:30 pm (to Buckley, WA, right off Main Street), I sat down to make a phone call, and looked up at my front living room window, and lo and behold, there was one of them crawling right up the inside of my window! Here’s a couple of pictures. I posted about this in the Facebook Buckley Neighborhood Watch page, and apparently people are seeing them all over Buckley, and out towards Bonney Lake, too. I subscribe to a pest control service (Insight), and they said they would come out and treat my property for this next week, but heck, if they’re already established in the area, that might not do much good, eh? The other question I have is, do you want the bug? Where do I get a pillbox? Is this something I’d have to go to Rite Aid or Walgreen’s for? Now that I think of it, I think they may already have done some damage to my fruit trees. I have apple and cherry and an Asian pear tree, and last year all the apples had what looked like worms, and the cherry trees, in their third year (from a nursery), dropped way off from their yield the year before. Anything you can tell me would be much appreciated! Comments coming in on the FB page say that they’ve been observed in Enumclaw (“all over the building where I work, Enumclaw Golf Course — Kimberly Seymour), and that they come in a variety of colors, and that they fly? Another person says she thinks there are two different kinds, and “the ones with the white antenna are the worst.” Hope this helps! Please send helicopters!; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.5628,120.6161,"# 413 Yakima, WA; Found in home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0199,122.6827,"# 414 Nasqually, WA; Hello dr bush, Took a picture this morning of the stink bug that's been crawling around my kitchen all winter. A friend told me it's important to report these sightings in case it's the invasive variety, which I think this one is.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.634,122.1123,"# 415 Bellevue, WA; I recently came across an odd brown bug inside my house a few days ago and another one last night. It wasn't a bug I was familiar so I took a photo and showed it to an entomologist friend who said it was pretty likely a stink bug. While searching for info on these bugs an article popped up suggesting that it was a brown marmorated stink bug (it appears to have the two white stripes on it's antenna). And that you were interested in sightings of this bug in Washington state. I'm located in Bellevue, WA right near Ardmore park (which might be where they're coming from). I've attached two cropped photos of the bug I saw. If you are interested in getting a sample let me know and I can try to catch the next one I see.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1854,122.2929,"# 418 Puyallup, WA; South Hill Puyallup is my location. Bug in cymbidium orchid after having it outside yesterday to spray cold water on green aphids. Squeezed when catching. Broke off abdomen. Will keep in plastic bag.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2485,122.7213,"# 419 Lakebay, WA; Location: Inside house; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1952,122.3463,"# 420 Puyallup, WA; Michael, this is the fifth or sixth stink bug I (cats really) found in our upstairs office at our house. All had white stripe on antenna. 6306 Pioneer way east Puyallup 98371.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3809,122.2348,"# 421 Kent, WA; This is the bug we have seen in our house lately. Stink bug?? We captured this picture yesterday. I am sending you 2 more pictures of the same bug. We live in Kent WA. Let me know if we should be squishing these critters or setting them free.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1854,122.2929,"# 422 Puyallup, WA; good morning have seen these little guys for years around the south hill (Puyallup) area. Little little guy was climbing around yesterday and I remembered an article I read a week ago. Hope the pic is clear enough.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6589,122.077,"# 423 Redmond, WA; Hi Michael, Happy Easter!! So sorry for my extremely tardy response. Here’s a link to some photos my husband took with a macro lens. Please let me know if they work for you!!ArS4HFRp-_RCiZo0aXNBUCfTY02yDA I think that is a public shared link but if you can’t get in, let me know and I’ll email the photos but they are large.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1003,122.6448,"# 424 Dupont, WA; Trapped inside my wine glass; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2043,121.9915,"# 425 Enumclaw, WA; I found this bug in our baby’s nursery and heard about your article regarding stink bug invasion in WA. We are located in Enumclaw, WA and I’ve heard of others nearby finding them in their homes as well. Anything we should do when finding them? Way to get rid of them?; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1882,122.329,"# 426 Puyallup, WA; Hi Michael. I live in Puyallup near WSU extension center. Second one I have found inside house. Killed first one before seeing your article in paper. Have seen another outside a few weeks ago. Could drop off at extension center if interested.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1616,122.2473,"# 427 Puyallup, WA; We have found 5 of these this winter at various times in our house. We live in a fairly heavily wooded neighborhood.; 5 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2562,122.2139,"# 428 Auburn, WA; We found what we think fits your description in our house in Lakeland Hills in Auburn, Washington. Sorry. Hope this helps.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0343,122.8232,"# 429 Lacey, WA; Found this in Lacey, was today; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0379,122.9007,"# 430 Olympia, WA; Found inside my house in Olympia Wa today.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1854,122.2929,"# 431 Puyallup, WA; Hello. We saw article in paper about these stink bugs. Striped antenna included broke off. Found while Cleaning air ducts today. We have seen these nasties for at least 3 years now around our garden in summer and coming inside perhaps to winter over. Not a new thing around Puyallup sorry to say. Thanks for article and info. We suspected they are up to no good.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0379,122.9007,"# 432 Olympia, WA; I noticed another BMSB yesterday. It was in a garden shed behind a tool I use infrequently. I noticed several of these inside my home, or on a window screen. I live in Olympia, so put a few more tally markers in the Thurston County column . I will dispose of this guy; we have enough problems here in Olympia without the BMSB. If I’ve mis-identified this bug, let me know; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3136,122.1777,"# 433 Auburn, WA; I have found a stink bug at the campus of Green River Collage in the Veterans lounge ( room SA 224). I will try and get it in a container for you if you need it. I have attached a picture of it to this email.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0379,122.9007,"# 434 Olympia, WA; I have found many of these in and around our home in Olympia Wa 98506 It’s been a couple years now. I thought they were June bugs!! Lol; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1718,122.5185,"# 435 Lakewood, WA; I found three stink bugs on my patio in February. Unfortunately, it was before I knew of the possible infestation. I did catch them in a jar and threw them in the trash. They were not caught on the same day but each a few days apart. One on the patio cement, one on my patio chair and one on a patio curtain.; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1854,122.2929,"# 436 Puyallup, WA; FYI: found 2 of these, a couple days apart, in downtown Puyallup, about 4 or 5 weeks ago; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0343,122.8232,"# 437 Lacey, WA; Took a picture of this today in my home in Lacey, WA. By the time I went to take care of it it had moved on. It was very high up so I couldn’t get a great pic. It was a very large bug. We have never had something like this in our home before.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5301,122.0326,"# 438 Issaquah, WA; Just found one, on my bed!!!!! I live in Issaquah near Renton; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3006,122.6086,"# 439 Gig Harbor, WA; Several stink bugs found in our windowsills the past two years. We live in Gig Harbor on large piece of partially developed property.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2797,122.3699,"# 490 Northeast Tacoma, WA; Found this one in my home this morning in zip code 98422 (Northeast Tacoma, about a mile uphill from Commencement Bay).; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6701,122.3599,"# 440 Camas, WA; We get these bugs in our home. We have not figured out there entry point yet but believe they may come from our attic. This address is in Camas WA, but we live on Livingston Mountain. There are periods of times where we will have to remove 5-6 per day.; 6 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1746,122.2718,"# 441 Puyallup, WA; We live in Puyallup Washington. I saw the article in the newspaper regarding stinkbugs. We have had an issue with him for the past couple of years now. In the warmer months we can have over 20 on the outside of our house. They also try to get in the house. They are a major nuisance. I was planning on calling an exterminator very soon, if you have any recommendations that would be great.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.2198,119.7842,"# 443 Prosser, WA; Found BMSb crawling on the kitchen wall. The stink bug was still in diapause.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1649,122.4527,"# 444 Tacoma, WA; ; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.8568,122.8529,"# 450 Tenino, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.316,122.2516,"# 452 Auburn, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6734,122.079,"# 453 Redmond, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.9826,122.9445,"# 454 Olympia, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.7543,122.1635,"# 455 Woodinville, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0379,122.9007,"# 456 Olympia, WA; I believe I found a broken marmorated sink bug inside my garage this morning in NE Olympia WA. I was told to contact you with a picture of the bug. Please let me know if you need any additional information.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0348,122.8947,"# 457 Olympia, WA; Good morning, We have found what we think is a Brown Mamorated Stink Bug. It flew into our maintenance mechanics shop this morning at our campus conservatory. We wanted to reach out to you and let you know they are here too!; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2529,122.4443,"# 483 Tacoma, WA; This is the first one I have seen in a few months but they were all over my house inside and out last summer/fall. Picture taken on 4/19/18 in Tacoma Wa.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0041,122.8267,"# 491 Lacey, WA; Just found this bug on the ground (not on any particular plant) in my back yard today. I had seen several of these bugs around my house last year; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.977,122.8584,"# 458 Olympia, WA; I caught a suspected invasive stinkbug in my office in Olympia today and after some brief internet research concluded that it is likely a Brown Marmorated Stink Bug with distinctive white bands on its antenna. See attached photos. A 2016 article on the wsu website recommended emailing you a picture if one was found. Hope this helps your tracking effort.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.8,122.5511,"# 459 Battle Ground, WA; Is this the bug you are looking for? I have had many of these this year.; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3596,122.118,"# 460 Covington, WA; I saw the article on The Olympian website about the stink bug infestation. I have had them in my home in Covington, WA all winter long! I sometimes found several a day! My house backs to a green belt filled with blackberry bushes. I have attached a picture of the bug that I found today.; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1947,122.2382,"# 461 Sumner, WA; Found this little guy on our backyard.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3102,122.2708,"# 462 Federal Way, WA; This stink bug was in my garage on 4/5/18 between Federal Way and Auburn. We usually see them every spring.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3623,122.2051,"# 463 Kent, WA; Stink bug (see attached picture) inside my parents house. This is the about the 10th one the have found inside over the last month.; 10 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1854,122.2929,"# 464 Puyallup, WA; My daughter found this in her room. She hit it a few times. I does smell. Is this a stink bug? Should I worry about more?; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1257,122.293,"# 465 South Hill, WA; I live in South Hill, WA, just south of Puyallup. These bugs have been around for the last few months, noticeably in my house. I just scoop them up and throw them that right?; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2077,122.4768,"# 466 South Tacoma, WA; We found this bug in our bathroom and we think it's the kind of stink bug that you are looking for information on. The picture of the bug is attached. We're not sure where he is now. If we see him or others what should we do with them?; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2019,122.478,"# 467 Tacoma, WA; Found in Tacoma Washington (in my house) squished it outside.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0283,122.8626,"# 468 Olympia, WA; My dad is an entomologist and be identified this as a brown marmorated stink bug. Multiple others have also been seen; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2107,122.363,"# 469 East Tacoma, WA; We get these bugs regularly every week or two; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1854,122.2929,"# 470 Puyallup, WA; Found about 5 of these critters in the last couple of months inside my house in Puyallup; 5 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0453,122.8239,"# 471 Lacey, WA; I read an article about the stink bug population in Washington in The Olympian and last night I happened to catch a photo of one, I think. It was indoors at my place of work. Good luck with your research!; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6101,122.2015,"# 472 Bellevue, WA; Found today inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2806,122.2994,"# 473 Federal Way, WA; Picture taken 7:15 pm 4/12/18 inside house. I’m sending per newspaper article I read.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5437,122.3078,"# 474 Seattle, WA; We are now regularly getting the attached variety of stink bugs both outside and inside our office, which is located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3073,122.2285,"# 475 Auburn, WA; We had hundreds last summer at our home in auburn 98001. I find them all the time, this one today I remembered to take his picture.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2097,122.4879,"# 476 South Tacoma, WA; Please see the attached photo. I found this insect in my house in Tacoma’s Southend. I have fruit trees and a large Dogwood tree. Is there a method to control this beetle? Shall I contact the Pierce County Extension?; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.761,122.2056,"# 477 Bothell, WA; I saw the article in the Olympian asking for reports of these. I've seen them here in Bothell the past couple of years. It's pretty hilarious to see a dog try to eat one :); 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2543,122.4578,"# 478 Tacoma, WA; We have located what we believe to be 4 stink bugs in our home at 801 S. Cushman Ave, Tacoma. 2 were alive, 2 dead. ( one of the alive ones went down the garbage disposal).; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.8601,122.2043,"# 479 Mill Creek, WA; I found this unwelcome intruder while building a webpage. Scared me straight to Jesus as I was in a deep concentration. After googling I heard that you would like pictures. I’m in Bothell Mill Creek. It now lives under a mason jar on my desk. I have abandoned my post, and decided to retire. Okay, seriously though... it scared the heck out of me.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1854,122.2929,"# 480 Puyallup, WA; I read that at least at some point in 2016 you were interested in stink bugs Found this in my house yesterday, in Puyallup WA; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.7258,122.2265,"# 481 Kirkland, WA; These are in our house in Kirkland, King County (near Snohomish County line) in large numbers. Very annoying. Attached is a photo. If you want me to send you some bugs, I can.; 6 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3073,122.2285,"# 482 Auburn, WA; Hi, Dr. Bush -. I read that you are trying to track the whereabouts of these bugs. I live in Auburn, WA. We have been seeing about one of these bugs a day (different specimens, most certainly) ‎in our home, for about three weeks. Please let me know if you need any more info. And if you have any advice for me on containment, prevention, etc., please let me know. Thank you.; 7 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2097,122.4879,"# 484 South Tacoma, WA; I saw the story about Stink Bugs in the Olympian over the weekend and thought I would reach out to you. I am in a house in South Tacoma. Last summer I began seeing Stink Bugs around my patio. I saw a 2-3 at a time over about 4-6 weeks....about 8-10 total in that time. I had recently moved into the house and wondered what the heck they were as I had never seen them haha. I was curious enough to google it. When I discovered they are an invasive species I killed them. I have not seen any this year yet but there are several plumb and apple trees in my neighbors yards and I have a small container of strawberry plants, so maybe I’m a good candidate to see them again this summer. If you have any questions or would like more details don’t hesitate to contact me.I emailed you several weeks ago when I saw a story about the invasive stink bugs in the Tacoma News Tribune. I did not have any pics at the time but noticed this little guy on a bucket on my patio today. I am very interested to know if this is the invasive species or a native one.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0669,122.7085,"# 485 Olympia, WA; Please see attached picture. I have found them in my house over the last couple months. There is a family farm across the street also that would not benefit at all from these little bugs I'm sure. Please get back to me as soon as you can.; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0073,122.9093,"# 486 Tumwater, WA; I came across an article and this email address wanting to know if these stink bugs have been found in WA State. This is about the fifth one in a couple weeks that I have come across in my home. The previous were prior to knowing that information, or photos, were wanted when found. This bug has the white strip(s) on the antenas; I am pretty sure the others did as well. I live in Tumwater Wa, Which is in Thurston County. Feel free to contact me at any time; I will keep him alive as long as I can, if preferred.; 5 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5624,121.8926,"# 487 Fall City, WA; We’ve been seeing a lot of these little critters in the past couple of weeks. I saw an article where you asked people to send you pictures to track them. This one was dead but we’ve seen at least six other live ones inside the house. We found a couple more at the house.; 9 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.9965,120.5478,"# 488 Ellensburg, WA; Ellensburg, WA 98926, 4/21/2018; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0845,122.8274,"# 489 Olympia, WA; No info just address and image; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4963,122.2507,"# 492 South Seattle, WA; I saw online that you are working on tracking stink bugs and would like information about where they've been spotted. We have unfortunately seen two inside our new home within the past couple of weeks - I've attached a photo of one.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2501,122.2937,"# 493 Edgewood, WA; This was a bug on our house today, April 23, 2018. We live in Edgewood, Pierce, WA , just north of Puyallup.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6824,121.9172,"# 494 Carnation, WA; Hello. This stink bug was in my car on Stillwater Hill Rd in Carnation, WA; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1929,122.3237,"# 495 Puyallup, WA; I found this stink bug on McElroy PL in Puyallup, WA.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4003,122.2488,"# 496 Kent, WA; Take a look and let me know your thoughts and if you’d like more photos. This is the second one I’ve seen this season, the other one was inside our office, and feel from the light fixture onto my desk.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0379,122.9007,"# 497 Olympia, WA; This is the third one in 2 weeks in west Olympia. Any other information that you need? Do you want to know if more turn up?; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3073,122.2285,"# 498 Auburn, WA; Found in our home in Auburn, Wa; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.257,122.4616,"# 499 Tacoma, WA; We've seen three brown marmorated stink bugs in 2 weeks in our town home at 1617 Division Ave in central Tacoma, WA. I didn't take a photo until the third one today. It had the stripes on it's antennae.; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0753,122.9541,"# 500 Olympia, WA; Hello, I found this in my office and remembered see something on the news about reporting them. I am not sure it is a Marmorated or not but it had the banded antenna. I found 2 in my office on the westside of Olympia. Thanks!; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2762,122.2651,"# 501 Auburn, WA; I found these critters on the floor of the loft in my shop. There are about 12 live ones crawling around on the skylights. And probably two dozen carcasses on the floor.; 36 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4178,120.2938,"# 502 Wenatchee, WA; Found in an apartment.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2523,122.4519,"# 503 Tacoma, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.7359,122.6465,"# 504 Poulsbo, WA; Inside house.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.8623,122.6704,"

# 505 La Center, WA; Inside attics and outside on house siding.; Detected

","gray32"); dropPoint(47.6769,122.206,"# 506 Kirkland, WA; Inside home.; 18 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.597,122.29,"# 507 Seattle, WA; Inside house.; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5707,122.2221,"# 508 Mercer Island, WA; Inside attic.; 12 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2529,122.4443,"# 509 Tacoma, WA; Inside house/garage.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6101,122.2015,"# 510 Bellvue, WA; Inside apartment.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0972,122.2968,"# 511 Puyallup, WA; Inside house.; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3596,122.118,"# 512 Covington, WA; Inside home.; 12 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.3043,119.3614,"# 513 West Richland, WA; Inside home.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3596,122.118,"# 514 Covington, WA; Inside home.; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2032,122.2404,"# 515 Sumner, WA; Inside library.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3809,122.2348,"# 516 Kent, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6676,122.3133,"# 517 Seattle, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2002,122.1534,"# 518 Bonny Lake, WA; Inside tarp covering BBQ pellet bags; 20 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.3043,119.3614,"# 519 West Richland, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(48.4212,122.334,"# 520 Mount Vernon, WA; Inside 5th wheel.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6062,122.3321,"# 521 Seattle, WA; Inside apartment; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6318,122.6716,"# 522 Vancouver, WA; Inside apartment.; 5 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.9399,117.2407,"# 523 Poulsbo, WA; Inside home.; 10 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0073,122.9093,"# 354 Tumwater, WA; We have been seeing more of these bugs as the weeks go by. This is one of the two seen yesterday. Am thinking we see 3-4 a week. Who knows how many more are unseen! We live in Tumwater, WA. If you need further info from us, don’t hesitate to contact us.; 11 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3809,122.2348,"# 524 Kent, WA; I've been finding these nasty little bugs in my home for the past year on and off, and the last two weeks I've found at least five and today I caught one to take pictures and send to you. I'm in Kent, Washington and they are disgusting and I've had one fly and land on my leg in my bed. I've lived here my whole life and I've never seen these up until last year. Whatever I can give you guys to help figure out how to get rid of these bugs.; 6 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4688,122.259,"# 525 Tukwila, WA; At Tukwila Elementary School on a window. He has the white spots on his antennas.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0219,122.8929,"# 526 Olympia, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6101,122.2015,"# 527 Bellvue, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1724,122.1653,"# 528 Bonnie Lake, WA; Found at Swiss Sportsmen Club, Bonnie Lake, wa; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2002,122.2379,"# 530 Sumner, WA; Found a copy of the bug in the photo on the kitchen sink on Friday morning, 4.27.18 and then today, 4.28, the one in the attached photo in the garage in a cardboard box full of old checks.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6769,122.206,"# 531 Kirkland, WA; No info provided; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.2155,119.2486,"# 532 South Richland, WA; Thanks for a great series of Master Gardener lectures this spring! I was out in the back yard uncovering my patio furniture yesterday morning and discovered a couple of marmorated stink bugs (see photo below)! I was in the yard most of the day and didn't see any others, but I will keep an eye out.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0756,122.4082,"# 533 Spanaway, WA; I saw a post on fb about the appearance of a certain type of stink bug and that y'all were wanting pics. I don't know if this is what you're referring to but it stinks when you kill it.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1854,122.2929,"# 534 Puyallup, WA; I have been finding these in and around my house in Puyallup, WA for the last 7-8 months and just been killing them when I find them. Haven't noticed a foul smell ever. Just squish them and throw them in the garbage. Are these the stink bugs?; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3131,122.3768,"# 535 Federal Way, WA; I believe you wanted to be notified of sightings regarding this specific species. Located in Twin Lakes area of Federal Way Wa. Its Friday May 4th. Found crawling in my garage. I've seen them before outside over the last few years. I just never knew of the issues.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.7543,122.1635,"# 536 Woodinville, WA; In home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5573,122.1638,"# 537 Bellvue, WA; In home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.163,122.426,"# 538 Tacoma, WA; I understand you are one of three entomologist doing research on the stink bugs. My husband and I have some on our property in Tacoma, Wa. We originally had one in a jar we were going to send to you a month ago but were waiting for the right container, finally have it and added two more bugs to jar today. Amazing the first bug is still alive. Anyway be expecting a small box with three stink bugs in a plastic jar.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5301,122.0326,"# 539 Issaquah, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2014,122.3687,"# 540 Tacoma, WA; 4 bugs in the House; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2529,122.4443,"# 541 Tacoma, WA; Around apartment building.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6642,122.0699,"# 542 Redmond, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.8712,122.5292,"# 543 Battle Ground, WA; We have lots of them. They were getting in our house and waking up from firewood we brought in and now getting in through cracks in windows and doors. We gently unloaded about 2 gallons of them from a fence board pile in our garage 3 months ago.; 100 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2529,122.4443,"# 544 Tacoma, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.8554,121.971,"

# 545 Monroe, WA; Inside garage.; Detected

","gray32"); dropPoint(47.5627,122.0847,"# 546 Issaquah, WA; Inside basement.; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2529,122.4443,"# 547 Tacoma, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6089,122.5581,"# 548 Vancouver, WA; No details provided; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6163,122.0356,"# 549 Sammamish, WA; Inside home.; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.6021,120.5059,"# 550 Yakima, WA; Back yard door.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5301,122.0326,"# 551 Issaguak, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2827,122.37,"# 552 Tacoma, WA; I read I should email you if I find these potential pests.(I think it’s the invasive one) Date: 5/6/18 Location: - inside home - Fruit Trees on Property(Apple,Japanese Pear, cherry, pear) * low/ almost zero harvest volume last year 2017(damaged fruit, leaves) -I use Neem sprays; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0455,122.9194,"# 553 Olympia, WA; I have had one of the stink bugs living in my bathroom window for a few days. I remembered the Olympian article that you were researching them. I have attached a picture of the bug and if you want the actual bug I can catch it and mail it.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3809,122.2348,"# 554 Kent, WA; Inside garage.; 5 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5617,122.3135,"# 555 South Seattle, WA; Hi, we believe we have multiple sitings of marmorated stink bugs in our home in South Seattle. We have seen about a half dozen in our home. I have attached a couple images for you to confirm. Thank you and Go Cougs!; 6 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.7543,122.1635,"# 556 Woodinville, WA; I saw the March article in the Olympian about marmorated stink bugs that had your email. I found this stink bug on the exterior of my house in Woodinville today, May 7th.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2645,122.2501,"# 557 Pacific, WA; Spotted in my yard today.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.7335,122.9914,"# 558 Centralia, WA; Hi, We live in Centralia, WA in the Fords Prarie area. We had a lot of these brown stink bugs last year, but this year I saw the news and found out what a problem it is. The article noted Thurston but not Lewis County....They totally are here. I just think there is not enough exposure about this issue here in Lewis County. We recently moved from Pierce County and have lived in King County. So I think I can say that with some confidence. Also I would need a Drop Off no further away than Olympia which is 30 minutes away.....any chance?; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2797,122.3699,"# 559 Northeast Tacoma, WA; Found in kitchen in NE Tacoma; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4829,122.2171,"# 560 Renton, WA; I live in Renton, WA (King county) and I have had stink bugs in my house all winter. Moments ago I took out a window screen and 3 live stink bug fell out – ick! They have the white on their antennae. Do you want the sample mailed to you or a picture. Let me know.; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4924,122.2391,"# 561 Skyway, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.761,122.2056,"# 562 Bothell, WA; Inside house; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.7543,122.1635,"# 563 Woodinville, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6804,122.1702,"# 564 Kirkland, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.9046,122.744,"# 565 Woodland, WA; Inside / outside home.; 25 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5677,122.1618,"# 566 Bellevue, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1892,122.4735,"# 567 Tacoma, WA; Inside shed.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.662,122.964,"# 568 Chehalis, WA; ; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4117,122.2944,"# 570 Sea Tac, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3073,122.2285,"# 569 Auburn, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2748,122.3521,"# 571 Tacoma, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4115,122.3139,"# 572 Des Moines, WA; Inside home.; 24 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2229,122.4748,"# 573 Tacoma, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1854,122.2929,"# 574 Puyallup, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6863,122.0992,"# 575 Redmond, WA; Inside apartment.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5301,122.0326,"# 576 Issaquah, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6101,122.2015,"# 577 Bellevue, WA; Inside office building.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4447,122.1232,"# 578 Renton, WA; ; 6 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.2087,119.1199,"# 579 Kennewick, WA; Outside office building.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2229,122.4748,"# 580 Tacoma, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5333,122.0474,"# 581 Issaquah, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3783,122.2268,"# 582 Kent, WA; Inside home.; 12 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0972,122.2968,"# 583 Puyallup, WA; Inside apartment.; 5 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4303,122.1514,"# 584 Renton, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.674,122.1215,"# 585 Redmond, WA; Inside school building.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.7543,122.1635,"# 586 Woodinville, WA; Inside and outside home.; 12 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1546,122.3577,"# 587 Puyallup, WA; Inside/outside home.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.7047,122.3023,"# 588 Seattle, WA; Inside home.; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3809,122.2348,"# 589 Kent, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6769,122.206,"# 590 Kirkland, WA; Inside home.; 12 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4829,122.2171,"# 591 Renton, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.8623,122.6704,"# 694 La Center, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4431,122.1624,"# 592 Fairwood, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4124,122.2834,"# 593 Sea Tac, WA; ; 5 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4018,122.3243,"# 594 Des Moines, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2482,122.3129,"# 595 Milton, WA; Inside home.; 21 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1632,122.0268,"# 596 Buckley, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4175,122.2157,"# 597 Kent, WA; ; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6176,122.0489,"# 598 Unknown, WA; Inside home; 30 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2504,122.4495,"# 599 Tacoma, WA; Inside home; 7 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4019,122.1395,"# 600 Kent, WA; Inside Home; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5754,122.3003,"# 601 Seattle, WA; Inside Home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4175,122.2157,"# 602 Kent, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2529,122.4443,"# 603 East Tacoma, WA; Outside house; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0645,122.9373,"# 604 Olympia, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.674,122.1215,"# 605 Redmond, WA; Inside Home; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.7079,122.2145,"# 606 Kirkland, WA; Outside home; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6101,122.2015,"# 607 Bellevue, WA; Inside and outside house; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6588,117.426,"# 608 Spokane, WA; Inside house; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1854,122.2929,"# 609 Puyallup, WA; In and around home; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3733,122.0369,"# 610 Maple Valley, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.7071,122.1296,"# 611 Redmond, WA; On house; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.7714,122.2941,"# 612 Lake Forest Park, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(48.4212,122.334,"# 613 Mount Vernon, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3951,122.2089,"# 614 Kent, WA; Inside home and around property; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.9603,122.8798,"# 615 Tumwater, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.0551,118.3118,"# 616 Walla Walla, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2529,122.4443,"# 617 Tacoma, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2529,122.4443,"# 618 Tacoma, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6062,122.3321,"# 619 Seattle, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2393,122.3571,"# 620 Fife, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5355,122.0492,"# 621 Issaquah, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5301,122.0326,"# 622 Issaquah, WA; Inside home.; 10 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2229,122.4748,"# 623 Tacoma, WA; Outside home.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6163,122.0356,"# 624 Sammamiash, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.0604,118.3161,"# 625 Walla Walla, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2229,122.4748,"# 626 Tacoma, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3293,122.5801,"# 627 Gig Harbor, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.761,122.2056,"# 628 Bothell, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.446,120.3385,"# 629 Wenatchee, WA; Inside home.; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1854,122.2929,"# 630 Puyallup, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.9209,122.3041,"# 631 Mukileto, WA; Outside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0379,122.9007,"# 632 Olympia, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.761,122.2056,"# 633 Bothell, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4431,122.1624,"# 634 Fairwood, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6769,122.206,"# 635 Kirkland, WA; Indoors; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6163,122.0356,"# 636 Sammamish, WA; Outside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2151,123.1007,"# 637 Shelton, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4003,122.2488,"# 638 Kent, WA; In office; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.8646,122.7696,"# 639 , WA; Outside home; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.674,122.1215,"# 640 Redmond, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4459,120.3459,"# 641 Wenatchee, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.7543,122.1635,"# 642 Woodinville, WA; On patio; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5226,122.0332,"# 643 Issaquah, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4018,122.3243,"# 644 Des Moines, WA; Inside home; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6803,122.1643,"# 645 Kirkland, WA; Inside home; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5937,122.158,"# 646 Bellevue, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0962,122.3587,"# 647 Frederickson, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.3334,119.3928,"# 648 West Richland, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3392,122.1917,"# 649 Auburn, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.7017,122.1739,"# 650 Kirkland, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5667,122.3868,"# 651 West Seattle, WA; Outside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.565,122.627,"# 652 Bremerton, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1718,122.5185,"# 653 Lakewood, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4267,122.1812,"# 654 Kent, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.674,122.1215,"# 655 Redmond, WA; Outside; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6417,122.305,"# 656 Montlake, WA; Inside home; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1854,122.2929,"# 657 Puyallup, WA; Inside home; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1805,122.3225,"# 658 Puyallup, WA; On counter in home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4389,122.1377,"# 659 Renton, WA; Around front porch; 4 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.674,122.1215,"# 660 Redmond, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6088,122.6418,"# 661 Bremerton, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3262,122.1815,"# 662 Auburn, WA; Around the house and yard; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.7844,122.2037,"# 663 Bothell, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.7034,122.2838,"# 664 Seattle, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.761,122.2056,"# 665 Bothell, WA; In garage; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.565,122.627,"# 666 Bremerton, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.5871,122.3995,"# 667 Camas, WA; In garage; 30 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6444,122.3045,"# 668 Seattle, WA; Inside office; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.5871,122.3995,"# 669 Camas, WA; Inside home; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0529,122.2943,"# 670 Graham, WA; Outside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6179,122.1812,"# 671 Washougal, WA; Inside home.; 10 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5611,122.3868,"# 673 Seattle, WA; On deck of home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5301,122.0326,"# 674 Issaquah, WA; Inside home.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3223,122.3126,"# 675 Federal Way, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.565,122.627,"# 676 Bremerton, WA; In back yard.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.674,122.1215,"# 677 Redmond, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.0587,118.3113,"# 678 Walla Walla, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.7176,122.4396,"# 679 Brush Prairie, WA; Inside home; 20 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0614,122.7521,"# 680 Olympia, WA; Outside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2169,122.2931,"# 681 Edgewood, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3572,122.1547,"# 682 Kent, WA; Outside home; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6253,122.3222,"# 683 Seattle, WA; Inside home; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.674,122.1215,"# 684 Redmond, WA; In barn; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5183,122.2596,"# 685 Seattle, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1003,122.6448,"# 686 DuPont, WA; Outside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0734,122.9735,"# 688 Olympia, WA; In lab at Evergreen State College; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.7809,122.5334,"# 689 Battle Ground, WA; Around 5 acre property; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.6235,122.2477,"# 690 Washougal, WA; Outside home; 50 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6843,122.1893,"# 692 Kirkland, WA; Bathroom door, inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3875,122.2563,"# 693 Kent, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(48.0518,122.1771,"

# 695 Marysville, WA; ; 2 unknown

","nought32"); dropPoint(47.3073,122.2285,"# 696 Auburn, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6163,122.0356,"# 697 Sammamish, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6101,122.2015,"# 698 Bellevue, WA; Inside home.; 20 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3073,122.2285,"# 699 Auburn, WA; Inside home/garage.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4829,122.2171,"# 700 Renton, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4997,122.3738,"# 701 Seattle, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6101,122.2015,"# 702 Bellevue, WA; Inside home.; 5 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3073,122.2285,"# 703 Auburn, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.5826,122.3534,"# 704 Washougal, WA; Outside home.; 100 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4868,122.2457,"# 705 Skyway, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6429,122.1876,"# 706 Bellevue, WA; Inside home.; 28 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.603,122.3274,"# 707 Kirkland, WA; Inside home.; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6903,122.3321,"# 708 Seattle, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4661,122.1467,"# 709 Renton, WA; Inside garage.; 10 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3583,122.2756,"# 710 Kent, WA; Deck of home.; 8 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0379,122.9007,"# 711 Olympia, WA; Inside home on house plant.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0343,122.8232,"# 712 Lacey, WA; Inside child's playhouse.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3809,122.2348,"# 713 Kent, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(48.4237,122.3275,"# 714 Mount Vernon, WA; Found on car.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.429,122.1635,"# 715 Renton, WA; Inside home.; 120 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.0479,118.319,"# 716 Walla Walla, WA; Inside home, garage and garden.; 20 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2529,122.4443,"# 717 Tacoma, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2529,122.4443,"# 718 Tacoma, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.5971,122.9934,"# 719 North Plains, WA; Inside/outside home and outbuildings; 1000 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6613,122.3299,"# 720 Seattle, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.5826,122.3534,"# 721 Washougal, WA; Inside home.; 75 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6646,122.3258,"# 722 Wallingford, WA; Inside stored blanket.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.5871,122.3995,"# 723 Camas, WA; Inside/outside home.; 50 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2562,122.2139,"# 724 Auburn, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(45.633,122.5421,"# 725 Vancouver, WA; Garage walls.; 40 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2002,122.2379,"# 726 Sumner, WA; Inside home/garage.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2002,122.2379,"# 727 Sumner, WA; Inside home/garage.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6101,122.2015,"# 728 Bellevue, WA; ; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.4829,122.2171,"# 729 Renton, WA; Inside home.; 25 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6147,122.3448,"# 730 Seattle, WA; ; 3 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5707,122.2221,"# 731 Mercer Island, WA; ; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.075,118.3279,"# 732 Walla Walla, WA; Inside home.; 5 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.8626,121.8165,"# 733 Sultan, WA; Inside home.; 100 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.7196,122.3494,"# 734 Seattle, WA; Inside home.; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0379,122.9007,"# 735 Olympia, WA; Inside home.; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.9193,122.9322,"# 736 Scott Lake, WA; Inside garage; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1813,122.3336,"# 737 Puyallup, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.2125,122.472,"# 738 Tacoma, WA; By front door; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3149,122.1867,"# 739 Auburn, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.5707,122.2221,"# 740 Mercer Island, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1554,122.434,"# 741 Parkland, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.0073,122.9093,"# 742 Tumwater, WA; ; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(46.9353,122.5926,"# 743 Nisqually Valley, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.3809,122.2348,"# 744 Kent, WA; Inside home; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.6769,122.206,"# 745 Kirkland, WA; Inside office; 1 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.7601,122.2054,"# 746 Bothell, WA; Inside home and garage; 2 adults","green32"); dropPoint(47.1962,122.3124,"# 747 Puyallup, WA; On patio; 1 adults","green32"); } function dropPoint(x,y,txt,colr) { var marker = new google.maps.Marker({ position: new google.maps.LatLng(x, -y), title: 'click on point', icon: ''+colr+'.png', map: kloshe }); setOfMarkers.push(marker); attachListener(marker,txt); } function attachListener(marker,content) { google.maps.event.addListener(marker,'click',function() { infoWindow.close(); infoWindow.setContent(content);,this); }); } function changeEmphasis(up,down) { document.getElementById(up).className='mapSelect'; document.getElementById(down).className='mapOff'; //document.getElementById(alsoDown).className='mapOff'; if (up == 'locMap') { document.getElementById('mapLegend').style.display='block'; 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