A Field Guide to Experimental 

What this site is and isn't: a brief introduction

This site is not designed to replace a good statistics text. It rather pulls together material from a variety of texts, tested with 30 years experience analysing biological experimental data, and tempered by coercing the appropriate answers from often otherwise clueless computer software into a guide to identifying and using different designs.

This site assumes you have a basic knowledge of statistics. If you don't, then you should not be analysing research data. Sorry. Experimental design itself is usually covered in an intermediate or second course in statistics. It's not simple stuff. That said, I have assembled a few notes on the basics of "what is an ANOVA?"

Statistical computer software is only as good as your personal knowledge. Computers are very powerful, but they are not yet very smart. You have to provide that. Hopefully, this site will be one of your resources.

--Jerry Tangren <tangren@wsu.edu>

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