A Field Guide to Experimental 

Field guide page format

Field marks:

are the distinguishing characteristics of the specific experimental design. Most of these characteristics will deal with how the treatments are assigned to the experimental subjects, and their arrangement in relation to other treatments or sets of treatments. The most important characteristics are listed first.

Sample layout:
illustrates a colored layout showing how treatments might be randomized within the experiment. Below the color layout will be a simpler schematic text layout of the same sample.

A  B  C  D


ANOVA table format:

lays out the required formulas to analyse the design in standard ANOVA table format. The actual values will usually be calculated by your computer software. However, to insure that the software is generating the output you need, you should be able to generate this table and replace the formulas with values from the computer output. A quick check, which should be required, is to compare the number of degrees of freedom on the output with what you calculate yourself.

Source of
Degrees of
Sums of
squares (SSQ)
square (MS)
Source name n SSQ SSQ/n MS/MSError

Sample ANOVA table:

provides sample numbers in place of the formulas used in the last section. The numbers come from an analysis of creatively composed data based on the sample layout.

Sample SAS GLM statements:

lists the SAS GLM statements required to adequately analyse data from the specific design. Emphasis should be on including effects in the CLASS statement, an appropriate MODEL statement, and including all TESTs when required.

Compare with:

lists other designs that are similar to the design under consideration.

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